Published on Jan 22, 2016

Rob Kirby joins me to expose extremely important economic information which the majority of the world knows nothing about.


Rob says, “We are talking about something here that is extremely dark. This is a very dark entity. This is one of the most closely guarded secrets that America has.”


The men behind the curtain have been using this top secret deep state funding source to manipulate world events and currencies for nearly 100 years.

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Published on Jan 17, 2016

Bill Holter from JS Mineset joins us to cover the unfolding global economic collapse. “This is it. We’re watching the meltdown. This is history being made.” Bill says.

Holter explains, “The Fed has lied themselves into a corner. They raised rates and here we are a month later, the system is imploding and they have no bullets left. They are going to have to do QE4, they are going to have to do negative interest rates.”

“I believe this is it. The margin call, the meltdown, we’re watching it in real time… I guess the best way to look at where we are right now is, we’re standing at the gates of Hell.”

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Gerald Celente, returns to join Gary Franchi on the Next News Network to disclose the truth behind the 2016 stock market crash and how to brace yourself and protect your family in the face of economic calamity.

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Bill Holter: A Major Event Will Be Used To Cover-Up The Collapse Of The Economy



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