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Politics is a BIG club, and YOU aint a member.

MPs on taxpayer-funded travel splurge

Steve Lewis and Lanai Scarr RETIRING federal MPs making the most of their last months in office are taking generous taxpayer-funded trips in a foreign travel splurge. WHO, WHERE, WHY?

The people have instinctively known for years that we are being ripped off at the bowser. It is just that nobody in officialdom has ever had the courage to produce the evidence. The oil companies, like the banks, are way too powerful for little politicians to tackle.

Aussies ‘being exploited at bowser’

John Rolfe, Cost of Living Editor THE first “convincing evidence” has emerged that petrol stations manipulate prices to maximise profits

Stolen car driven by teen kills man

Delays ‘put super plan in jeopardy”


Abbott ‘plans to raise GST’ – Labor

LABOR cabinet member Bill Shorten warns Tony Abbott would increase the GST  if elected PM, though Coalition says it’s not on the agenda.

Hidden costs of solar panels revealed

SOLAR panels are costing those without them more than $1 billion a year, new research has revealed.

Greens hit by rising internal strife

Chris JohnsonChristine Milne accused of running dysfunctional office and allowing culture of intimidation.

Labor going down fighting


Narrow surplus focus misses the point

Ross GittinsThe budget hasn’t whirred back to surplus because the recovery from the GFC hasn’t proceeded normally.

World war spree is declared

Michael WestYou could be forgiven for thinking things were not too bad.

‘No one really knows what goes on’

While schools try to steer young rugby players clear of drugs, there is the odd bulked-up exception.

Labor savages Abbott’s super plans

Labor has launched a nationwide attack on the Coalition’s plans for superannuation, warning millions of workers will be left worse off in retirement.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says the Coalition would delay an increase to the superannuation guarantee by two years.

But senior Labor figures say the system should be protected, and warn Australia will lose an advantage over its competitors if a boost to super is put off.


Afghanistan to begin first commercial oil production

By resources reporter Sue Lannin

Afghanistan expects to begin the first commercial oil production in its history in a little under two months.

The Bush, Blair, Howard legacy to the world.

At least 60 killed in Iraq bomb attacks

By Middle East correspondent Matt Brown, wires

A series of bombings in Iraq has killed at least 60 people and injured dozens more, amid growing sectarian violence.


Dispute over Coalition’s budget savings figures

The Federal Government says it expects more holes will be uncovered in the Opposition’s costings as a dispute continues over $400 million worth of savings announced in Tony Abbott’s budget reply.

Mr Abbott said $400 million would be saved by scrapping Labor’s green loans scheme as part of $5 billion in total savings.

But Finance Minister Penny Wong says it is not a saving because the money is no longer in the budget.  Aussie Digger Website  Aussie Digger Blog  Wannabe Site
Everything you have been taught is wrong.
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