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WMD’s: Iran,Syria and the London Olympics

Prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq numerous articles appeared in the corporate media speculating about Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. Coupled with Tony Blair’s now infamous 45 minutes claim they appeared to imply that “something must be done”.
No matter that the “45 minutes” claim later proved to be utterly groundless. For a while it did the trick and conveniently silenced any opposition to the invasion of Iraq.

Is the Western public now any wiser to these contrived threats? Have we learned anything from Iraq other than it was an utter waste of lives?
The powers that be obviously don’t seem to think so. For a string new reports have recently appeared echoing those earlier claims; with mention of chemical weapons and Sarin nerve agents.
Only this time the guilty party is not Saddam’s Iraq but Assad’s Syria and Iran.

However, closer scrutiny reveals the corporate media is engaged in a campaign to condition the public mentally for military action.


Pressure Building More For Middle East War

by Stephen Lendman

The name of the game is dominance. Washington accepts nothing less. All means are used. War is a favorite option.

America has always been a warrior nation. It’s addicted to war. Permanent ones are waged. Nations are ravaged one at a time or in multiples.

If America had a motto it would be war is good, the more the better. How else can generals get more stars and profiteers cash in big?

Human lives are a small price to pay. Rule of law principles are ignored. Wealth and power alone matter. It’s the American way.


WikiLeaks Syria file dump benefits CIA/NATO

WMR’s Syrian sources are convinced that the massive release by WikiLeaks of files from Syrian computer networks is further proof that WikiLeaks is a CIA- and Mossad-linked operation designed to target other nations while maintaining plausible “independence” from U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies.


Russian Ship with Attack Helicopters for Syrian Regime Sets Sail Again – This Time Under A Russian Flag and a Flotilla Including a Destroyer

The ship’s new destination is unclear but maritime data show it was travelling south off Norway on Thursday and is due in Baltiysk on the Baltic coast of Kaliningrad, Russia’s exclave between Poland and Lithuania, on July 17.

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