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If you trust Obama to veto CISPA or similar legislation you’re in for a rude awakening

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

It has become incredibly frustrating to deal with people who erroneously believe that Obama and his administration will live up to a single claim, promise, or statement. Especially since neither Obama nor his pals have given us a single reason to trust them while giving us tons of reasons not to, not the least of which being the fact that they claim they can kill you or me whenever they please, based on policies which they repeatedly have refused to justify in a court of law…

Could The Pirate Bay suffer the same fate as MegaUpload?



Internet freedom has suffered another blow. In the United Kingdom, The Pirate Bay website was blocked to millions of users. A UK high court ruled that the country’s leading Internet Service Providers had to censor the site, claiming that both the Bay and its users were breaking copyright laws. David Seaman, journalist and host of The DL Show, joins us to take a closer look at the case.

New York judge rules an IP address is not a person


A judge in New York has ruled that Internet searches and downloads and other activities done on your personal computer do not mean you are the person behind them. This ruling could cause a problem when it comes to CISPA. In this case, an individual allegedly downloaded an adult film illegally and the judge’s ruling has made many Internet freedom advocates happy. Mitch Stoltz, a staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, joins us with more.

For Israel, punishing Palestinians is not enough

An ongoing hunger strike by nearly 2,000 Palestinian inmates stands as a reminder of their humanity, but Israelis are more interested in revenge.

HAARETZ: In faraway, frozen Finland – otherwise known as the infirmary of Ramle Prison – the lives of four detainees who have been on a hunger strike for at least 60 days hang in the balance. Nearly 2,000 inmates in the Nafha, Ashkelon, Gilboa and other prisons around Israel have been on hunger strike for two weeks. The very fact of their decision to refuse food and their willingness to risk being punished by the authorities stands as a reminder of their humanity.

The Israel Prison Service does not have to make much of an effort to conceal this mass action from Israeli eyes. The great majority of Israelis label all incarcerated Palestinians as conscienceless murderers or common terrorists, at the least. They have little interest in acts of personal or collective courage on the part of Palestinian detainees that serve as reminders that they are human beings.

‘Israel threatens to take down world in nuclear Armageddon’

There is no other country in existence today that has basically told the entire world that if ‘we are going to go down we are going to take the rest of the world down with us’…

Windows 8 to ship without DVD, Blu-ray support

While it’s technically a regression, and while it will surely make those of us who remember having to install DVD support on Linux from third-party repositories smile, it’s still a major change and a sign of things to come: Windows 8 will ship without support for DVD and Blu-ray playback.

Stop-and-Frisk Protesters Fined for Disorderly Conduct

MANHATTAN (CN) – Twenty activists, including Princeton University Professor Cornel West, were convicted Friday of disorderly conduct for their protest at a Harlem police precinct last October.
Though prosecutors argued that the defendants should face the consequences of civil disobedience, defense attorneys said the activists should never have been arrested because they never obstructed pedestrians at the precinct. Video of the demonstration showed officers passing by the throng to enter and exit the station.

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