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Panetta Admonishes US Troops to ‘Watch Their Behavior’

Speaking today at Fort Benning, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta urges US troops to watch their behavior during occupation duty, admonishing them not to make headlines with embarrassing behavior.

If, in fact, Sec Def Panetta was speaking at Fr. Benning, why is an Israeli flag flanking the American flag behind him?!?

Is this standard operating procedure at American military bases these days, to demonstrate the country in the Middle East the US is bound to support and protect at all costs?!?

IF this picture was actually taken at the Ft. Benning address by Panetta, this is more than a little disturbing.

If the editor of this article thought it was appropriate to pair this picture with the article about Panetta’s Ft. Benning Address, it is also more than a little disturbing.

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