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Explosion: Diggers wounded in Afghanistan

Mr Ashby is obviously an intelligent, experienced man who is no novice in the political world. Why would he go to Mr Brough, the former Federal Liberal Minister from Qld, to seek advice about alleged illegal activities and actions of Mr Slipper? Surely a man with the experience and knowledge of Mr Ashby would know that all such criminal allegations ought to be taken to the police? Secondly, surely Mr Ashby ought to immediately have employed the services of a solicitor to seek legal advice if he needed legal advice over any civil matters. Why would he need legal advice from Mr Brough and why did Mr Pyne, the Liberal member of the House of Representatives, visit the office of the Speaker Mr Slipper and then stay when the Speaker was not in the office and why did Pyne seek and obtain the phone number of Mr Ashby and what did he discuss when having drinks with Mr Ashby? All politicians are accountable under Law and this is no defence of any illegal behaviour or activities by anybody. This is simply a series of legitimate questions. The Aussie Digger has deliberately remained aloof from comments and judgements on the allegations themselves and believes the allegations must be tested by the appropriate authorities. However it is right to make comment on the political side of these matters.

Carr joins fight over Slipper, Ashby

BOB Carr has accused James Ashby of being “more rehearsed than a Kabuki actor” over his claims against  Peter Slipper.


Brough denies he lied on Ashby


Michelle Grattan Changing stories put Coalition in the frame

Stringent budget will show some teeth

MISHA SCHUBERT Half a billion dollars to be injected into dental care for poor as part of Tuesday’s budget.


Australia forsakes knowledge of the neighbours

TOM HYLAND Australia’s knowledge of Indonesia in terminal decline as academic centres shrink or disappear,


RNS patients told to wait

HEATH ASTON A staffing crisis at Royal North Shore Hospital has spread to the medical ranks.

Pressure on Labor as Crook joins Coalition (video)

Western Australian Nationals MP Tony Crook has formally joined the Coalition, placing further pressure on the Labor Government.

The move by the member for O’Connor, who has voted with Labor more than 30 times in the Lower House since the last election, puts the Coalition’s numbers at 72 members to Labor’s 71.

Mr Crook has kept his distance from federal colleagues while serving as a crossbencher over the past 18 months, but on Saturday he announced he will sit with the National Party in Parliament.

Bowel cancer program to get budget boost

The Federal Government is announcing extra funding for bowel cancer screening as part of next week’s budget.

Laws blamed for Australia’s ‘climate of secrecy’

By Natalie Muller

A report on the state of the Australian media says press freedom is being stifled by a raft of unnecessary secrecy laws.

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