Netanyahu’s Night of the Long Knives

In 1934, between June 30 and July 2, the Nazi regime carried out a series of political murders known as the Night of the Long Knives, or the Röhm-Putsch. At least eighty-five political leaders were murdered by the SS and the Gestapo, and over a thousand people were imprisoned. Many of those killed were members of the SA, the paramilitary brownshirts of the Nazi party. Led by Ernst Röhm, they were seen as an inner threat by Adolf Hitler. The phrase “Night of the Long Knives” predates the massacre itself and refers to acts of vengeance. As described in Israel About to Declare Early Elections in Late 2012, Benjamin Netanyahu is about to get rid of his main political opponents in one sleek move, through a process of early elections. Netanyahu’s Night of the Long Knives doesn’t have a date yet; but knives are already unsheathed, reflecting on their shiny blades the malevolent laughs of the putsch-planners and their victims.

Whitewashing Mass Murder

Israel’s 2008-09 Gaza war was one of history’s great crimes. Missiles, bombs, shells, and illegal weapons were used against defenseless people. Mass slaughter and destruction followed.

On May 1, Israel said those responsible won’t be prosecuted. The case was closed. Major Dorit Tuval, Deputy Military Advocate for Operational Matters, said civilians “who did not take part in the fighting” weren’t killed “in a manner that would indicate criminal responsibility.”

He lied! They were willfully targeted and murdered. All Israeli investigations are whitewashed. Justice is denied. It never has a chance. International law prohibits targeting civilians. Doing so is official Israeli policy.

Please remember: this is the government to which the US government forks out billions of your tax dollars every year (illegally, I might add, because the Symington Amendment forbids any aid to any nuclear-armed country which refuses to sign the NNPT), and to whose defense this country has pledged its full military protection, no matter the cost to the American people.

Killing 21 civilians by Israeli troops was ‘not a war crime’ – says Israeli Army

THE Israeli military have cleared their troops of any wrongdoing over the 5 January 2009 killing of 21 Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

According to witnesses, the Israeli troops who had launched a ground invasion of the coastal territory ordered around 100 members of the extended Samouni clan to gather inside one building and not to leave. The next morning, three members of the family attempted to leave the house. As they did so, Israeli troops fired a shell at them, killing one person and wounding two others.

Israeli treatment of hunger strikers ‘appals’ UN expert

A UN expert has said he is appalled by the “continuing human rights violations in Israeli prisons”, as Palestinian inmates continue a mass hunger strike.

Special Rapporteur Richard Falk said Israel had to treat hunger strikers in line with international standards.

Israel’s Prison Service says some 1,550 Palestinians in jail are on strike.

Doctors have expressed serious concern about two men who have been refusing food for 63 days in protest at being detained without charge or trial.

Indefinite detention without charge or due process is an in-your-face violation of human rights and civil liberties which Israeli officials are perfectly comfortable using against any an all Palestinian prisoners.

But this time, the inconvenient truth of this human rights violation is spreading like wildfire, due to these hunger strikes, and may well inspire more boycott and disvestment against Israel.

I would strongly caution the Israeli government not to make martyrs out of any of these hunger strikers; it will create so foul a stench pervading Israel’s incessant public relations campaign, in which it brands itself as “the only democracy in the Middle East”, that the Israeli government will never be able to get rid of it.


The truth is that far from being the poor victim it likes to portray itself as, Israel is in fact the most aggressive and belligerent nation in the region, having invaded pretty much everyone it shares a border with.

The following maps show just who is wiping who off of the map!

‘I’ve been duped’ — America’s travel guide Rick Steves says our media black out the brutal occupation

I just watched a powerful and courageous documentary called Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land. It certainly has its own agenda and doesn’t present balanced coverage. Still, it showed me how my understanding of the struggles in the Middle East has been skewed by most of our mainstream media. I saw how coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian problem is brilliantly controlled and shaped. I pride myself in understanding how the media works… and I find I’ve been bamboozled….

United Methodist Church Chickens Out on BDS



Declassified documents PROVES Israel manipulates the US and it’s media



Just in case you were wondering why ABCNNBBCBS isn’t bothering to mention that Israel struck Gaza first in this latest round of Israel’s favorite game; “let’s shoot up the helpless people, because that is why we made them helpless in the first place!”

Israeli students to get $2,000 to spread state propaganda on Facebook

The National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS) has become a full-time partner in the Israeli government’s efforts to spread its propaganda online and on college campuses around the world.

NUIS has launched a program to pay Israeli university students $2,000 to spread pro-Israel propaganda online for 5 hours per week from the “comfort of home.”

The union is also partnering with Israel’s Jewish Agency to send Israeli students as missionaries to spread propaganda in other countries, for which they will also receive a stipend.

So, from now on, simply assume that anyone saying anything positive about Israel is being paid to do so.

Israeli DM: Early Elections Won’t Stall Iran War

With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu moving to dissolve Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, in anticipation of early elections, Defense Minister Ehud Barak is looking to reassure hawkish would-be voters that the move won’t get in the way of a potential attack on Iran.

“Elections will not affect deliberations of the professional echelon in everything regarding the Iranian issue,” Barak insisted in his statement, saying that a military attack remains “on the table” and could happen at any time.

It is the very dissolution of the Knesset, slated to take place very quickly which gives Netanyahu a narrow “window” for such an attack to take place.

IF the Knesset dissolves within the next two weeks, that means that by the 17th of this month, there will be ability of the Knesset to advise or consent to such an action on the part of the Israeli government.

The Israeli military has already deployed 6 battalions to their borders with Syria and the Egyptian Sinai: this is no coincidence in terms of the timing of this deployment.


Facebook, Twitter and Blogs will soon be monitored in Israel … “The censor can only touch things that are likely to harm the security of the state, and these incidents are few.”

Chief ensor says new system will not infringe on personal information nor scrutinize private Facebook accounts.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
So why bother? Just to let us know that Big Brother is watching?? We already knew that.

Looks like we will have a censor that does not censor, and a monitor that does not monitor …. What then will we have? Perhaps the beginnings of a police state? Nah….. that can’t be possible in the ‘Only Democracy In The Middle East’, can it?

Netanyahu’s Likud moves to dissolve Knesset ahead of early Israel elections

Knesset Speaker Rivlin, speaking to political sources, indicates parliament could disperse within two weeks; Likud wants vote to be held September 4.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party submitted a bill to dissolve the Knesset on Wednesday, as Israel’s political system readies for upcoming early general elections.

Kadima released a statement following the Likud’s submission, saying that the party would “support every bill to move up the elections at any date the Knesset agrees to.”

IF the Knesset is dissolved at the end of two weeks, that will mean that it will be a “window” for Netanyahu to attack Iran before the next meeting between Iranian and Western negotiators about a way to resolve any and all concerns about its nuclear energy program, and when the Knesset members cannot advise or consent to such an action.

Two weeks from today is the 17th of May, and it is possible that the Knesset will be dissolved even before that two week period.

Bethlehem nuns in West Bank barrier battle

For the mainly Christian town of Beit Jala, this is the local beauty spot. Residents come here to take a stroll or for a weekend barbecue. Many own small plots of agricultural land.

They also send their children to the convent school and visit the monastery to sell grapes or buy its wine.

That is why an Israeli government plan to build a wall through the valley, cutting off their access to most of it, is causing great alarm.

Just a reminder to those useful idiots who call themselves Christian Zionists that the support and respect you give to Israel is not repaid in kind.

Israeli military closes Gaza shelling investigation

Witnesses said Israeli troops had told the Samouni clan to stay in a house, out of their way, and later shelled it.

But the military advocate general found the claims of war crimes “groundless”.

Israeli rights group B’Tselem said it was “unacceptable” no-one was found responsible for an action that led to the killing of “uninvolved civilians”.

Six army battalions called up under emergency orders to meet growing threat on Egypt, Syria borders

The IDF has issued emergency call up orders to six reserve battalions in light of new dangers on the Egyptian and Syrian borders. And the Knesset has given the IDF permission to summon a further 16 reserve battalions if necessary, Israeli media reported on Wednesday.

An IDF spokesperson said intelligence assessments called for the deployment of more soldiers. An army statement highlighted last August’s infiltration from the Sinai north of Eilat in which eight Israelis were killed, and said the subsequent division of that area into two distinct military zones necessitated additional manpower.

You don’t mobilize this number of troops without strong intent to use them.

Netanyahu is in a blind, messianic panic that the West’s meetings with Iran starting the 23rd of this month will produce something concrete, intelligent, and conclusive in terms of Iran’s nuclear energy program.

And he is not about to let that happen.

Israelis: Best Time to Bomb Iran Is During US Election Campaign

A sense of inevitable war with Iran seized Israel as its two principal leaders — Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak — concluded 1) Iran is about to produce a nuclear bomb; 2) planned to use it to wipe out Israel; 3) the time for Israel to bomb Iran’s nuclear production sites is now (i.e., at the height of the U.S. presidential campaign when neither candidate would risk losing by criticizing Israel).

I disagree. Netanyahu is facing major defections within the Israeli political establishment. Support for a war with Iran is dwindling rapidly. The upcoming P5 talks will be a disaster for Netanyahu if the US goes ahead with their stated intention of allowing Iran to maintain their rights under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in exchange for random unannounced inspections, something Iran has already indicated they will accept. This agreement will mean that the rest of the P5 nations, as war-weary as the people of the United States, will declare the Iranian crisis (as if there ever was one) over, with no more sanctions required and certainly no justification for an attack. An Israeli bombing mission after such an agreement clearly shows Israel to be an unjustified aggressor, especially in light of the history of the Israeli attack against the power station at Osirak under the excuse that Israel “knew” it contained a clandestine weapons factory (like the Israelis have at Dimona). Post-invasion examination of the ruins at Osirak found no evidence of the weapons factory Israel cited as justification for the bombing. Israel cannot survive a second baseless attack politically once P5 have declared the crisis over. So if Netanyahu is to have his war with Iran, he has to move before the P5 talks get underway May 23rd. Netanyahu may even order the attack on May 14th, coinciding with the anniversary of the founding of Israel, to stifle internal criticism.

Top Ten Reasons Israel tried to Censor Bob Simon’s Report on Palestinian Christians

Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren not only called the head of CBS news in an attempt to quash a report on the displacement of Palestinian Christians by the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, but he briefed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of the far right wing Likud Party on his attempt.

Here are the top ten reasons Israel’s Likud Party would have wanted to censor American television news on this occasion (and of course we don’t know all the occasions they have successfully done so):

1. The report told Americans that there are Palestinian Christians.

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