FLASHBACK: Cheney / “Big Names” Linked to D.C. Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey



Luke Rudkowski confronts Cass Sunstein on his proposed Cognitive Infiltration of Conspiracy Groups

In a rare public appearance, The Obama Administration’s Information Czar Cass Sunstein gave a lecture at the NYU Law School in NYC yesterday, prompting Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange to attend. Watch as Luke confronts Sunstein multiple times on an academic paper he co-authored back in 2008 entitled “Conspiracy Theories” in which he called for cognitive infiltration of conspiracy groups by the government.


Protesters continue legal battle for stop and frisk policy



New York City’s police department is fighting a legal battle for its Stop and Frisk policy. Last year 685,724 individuals were searched and of those frisked 88 percent were innocent. Civil rights leaders say that the policy is targeting minorities and isn’t preventing crime, but claim the policy itself is a crime.

SURPRISE! Ron Paul Destroyed Mitt Romney In Massachusetts This Weekend

See? Hanging a few vote-stealers from the lamp posts DID keep the election honest! :)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in Israel on first official overseas trip

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is visiting Israel in his first official overseas trip, traveling with his family and a delegation of 13 business and religious leaders on what is primarily a trade mission.

Trade my ASCII! Christie is being groomed to be the GOP’s VP pick. So of course he must grovel to Tel Aviv.

UPDATE: I bumped this story (originally posted April 3rd) back to the top, because CNN is now reporting that Mitt Romney is considering Christie for the VP slot.



NYC Full Schedule of Permitted and Unpermitted May Day 2012 Actions

YouTube deletes Ron Paul’s 2008 channel



JFK assassination – The gunmen in the Mary Moorman photo


Didin’t they learn right from wrong in the home???? 

US Secret Service to receive ethics training after Colombia prostitution scandal

About 100 US Secret Service agents will take part in two days of ethics training this week near Washington in the wake of the prostitution scandal in Colombia.

The Secret Service had scheduled training for 20 agents, but it expanded the programme after allegations that 12 of its agents hired prostitutes in Cartagena days before President Barack Obama arrived in the country for a summit.

The Secret Service is charged with protecting the president and those close to the presidency.

BEX alert – Envelopes With White Powder Sent to Mayor and 6 Banks

The message led some officials to speculate that the mailings had been orchestrated by [wait for it …] the Occupy Wall Street movement, which had scheduled protests in several places in the city on Tuesday.

The good news is that such ham-handed tactics are too obvious to fool anyone.

Overwhelming Evidence Points To Murder Of DC Madam

Evidence is stacking up to suggest that the alleged “suicide” of DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey was in fact a calculated murder, as the manager of Palfrey’s Florida Condo reveals that Palfrey was not suicidal when he spoke to her Monday and told him of her fears about a contract being out on her life.

The new testimony is backed up by at least four other recorded public statements on behalf of Palfrey attesting to the fact that she would never commit suicide and if she was found dead to immediately suspect murder.

Palfry made the exact same comments when she was on my radio show.

Obama fundraiser set to be the next US ambassador to Holland

Washington lawyer Timothy Broas, ‘who has funnelled more money to the political campaigns of president Barack Obama than nearly anyone else’ has been nominated as the next US ambassador to the Netherlands, the Washington Times reports.

Broas collected more than $500,000 for Obama’s 2012 campaign from family members, colleagues and other wealthy associates, the paper says.

White House: U.S. drone killings legal to combat threats

(Reuters) – The U.S. campaign of drone strikes to kill militants in other countries is legal under international law, President Barack Obama’s counterterrorism adviser insisted on Monday in a rare public admission and justification of the controversial tactic.

Jamie Scott Enyart – the stolen photos of the RFK assassination which would have told the true story

In 1988 Scott Enyart requested that his photographs should be returned. At first the State Archives claimed they could not find them and that they must have been destroyed by mistake. Enyart filed a lawsuit which finally came to trial in 1996. During the trial the Los Angeles city attorney announced that the photos had been found in its Sacramento office and would be brought to the courthouse by the courier retained by the State Archives. The following day it was announced that the courier’s briefcase, that contained the photographs, had been stolen from the car he rented at the airport.

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