Israel’s top general shoots down Netanyahu

Israel’s military chief of staff publicly challenged Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s strident urging for pre-emptive strikes against Iran, a move likely to sharpen the confrontation between Israel’s hawks and cooler heads in the military.

Ex-Israeli spy boss attacks Netanyahu and Barak over Iran

PM and defense chief not fit to lead Israel and are misleading the public over Iran, warns former Shin Bet boss Yuval Diskin

If Obama wins, will Israel attack Iran?

If Romney wins, he probably will submit to Jerusalem on the issue of Iran. “Mr. Romney has suggested that he would not make any significant policy decisions about Israel without consulting Mr. Netanyahu.” This was said in “A Friendship Dating to 1976 Resonates in 2012,” an article by Michael Barbaro published on the front page of the New York Times on April 8. His analysis is based on the personal friendship between Netanyahu and Romney. If Romney is elected, he may decide to attack Iran on behalf of Israel.

Obama is a different story; recently he thwarted Israel from attacking Iran independently, at least until the November 2012 presidential elections. What will happen the day after the elections if Obama wins? Will Israel attack Iran?

Misreading Arab public opinion on Iran’s nuclear program

Debate about a military strike against Iran to cripple its nuclear facilities cannot be conducted with the old mindset that shaped our views about the Arab Middle East before the seismic political changes introduced by the “Arab Spring” — the mindset that equated “Arab states” with Arab governments and ruling families. Today, the transformation in the relationship between Arab governments and their constituencies ought to be strongly factored into any discussion of a military approach to the Iranian nuclear question.

This is most needed when weighing serious interventions such as military action against Iran’s nuclear installations.

Operating within the old paradigm may result in grave strategic errors.

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