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Inquiry tells No 10: It’s your job to decide whether Hunt broke rules – The Independent

* The public believes that Mr Hunt should resign as Culture Secretary by a margin of five to one, according to a ComRes poll for The Independent. Only one in eight people thinks he should keep his job.

* An alliance of media groups opposed to News Corp’s takeover of BSkyB claims it was blocked from engaging with Mr Hunt and his officials for more than three months, and was only granted a single “sham” meeting with the Culture Secretary three weeks after he had already given his provisional blessing to the £8bn offer.

But it is the intervention by the Leveson Inquiry that is likely to cause the biggest headache for the Government.

Max Mosley: ‘News International has blackmailed MPs and others. Leveson must hear the truth’

Max Mosley, the motor racing multi-millionaire, is bankrolling a plan to expose potential blackmail and intimidation against politicians by Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper group. Mr Mosley said in an interview with The Independent that he was funding legal assistance for MPs to reveal their experiences of the country’s largest newspaper group – in an attempt to demonstrate its secret power in British politics.

**Yay!! A Penthouse at the Tower of London is needed.

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