2 Years on, BP Gulf Disaster Proves Obama Just As Oil-Soaked A Political Stooge as Cheney or Bush

When you take pro-active steps to conceal the extent and effects of a murderous criminal conspiracy, steps like lying to the public about the amount of toxins discharged, or using the Coast Guard, the US Navy, federal and local law enforcement to prevent reporters or the public from flying over open waters, wetlands or beaches to gauge the extent of the disaster, you’re a participant in the murderous criminal conspiracy.

Vitamin C cured polio during the epidemic of 1948 – 49

A humble small town physician who cured polio victims in the late 1940s and early 1950s using mega-dosages of vitamin C. His name was Frederick Robert Klenner, MD.

His successful healing with high-dose ascorbic acid vitamin C was ignored even after producing papers on his cures and making a presentation of his findings on polio at the Annual Session of the American Medical Association on June 10, 1949 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The allopathic medical monopoly still refuses to acknowledge mega-dose vitamin treatments today. Both orthomolecular medicine and psychiatry are marginalized, forbidding its practitioners to make claims of healing while forcing them to work obscurely in the shadow of AMA/Big Pharma’s monopoly.

Why Are These Fraudulent Papers Unretracted?

According to Science Times[1], the Tuesday science section in the New York Times, scientific retractions are on the rise because of a “dysfunctional scientific climate” that has created a “winner-take-all game with perverse incentives that lead scientists to cut corners and, in some cases, commit acts of misconduct.”

But elsewhere, audacious, falsified research stands unretracted–including the work of authors who actually went to prison for fraud!

Turfed out of her hospital bed at 2am and sent home. Is this really the way to treat a dementia patient of 89?

An elderly dementia patient was discharged from hospital at 2am after hospital bosses declared it was ‘in her best interests’.

Her appalled family say hospital bosses simply threw the confused old lady out in the early hours so they could free a bed.

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