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NATO ENCIRCLEMENT OF RUSSIA. The Strategic Role of the “Visegrad Four”: Poland, Hungary Czech Republic, Slovakia

According to NATO’s plans, which are to be discussed at the summit in Chicago in May, the countries of the former USSR, which surround Russia, must play the role of an “anaconda ring” pressing Russia and pushing it farther from its navigation routes: the Baltic States would block the access to the Baltic Sea, the scale of Russia’s presence on the Black Sea depends on Ukraine and Georgia; on land the Western direction would be blocked by Moldova and Ukraine and by Muscovites’ eternal opponent, which is Poland.


40,000 sing protest Breivik with a song he hates

Romanian Govt Falls in No-Confidence Vote

Romania’s government fell Friday in a no-confidence vote, as opposition parties seized on widespread public anger over biting austerity measures, cronyism and corruption.

There is no 11th marble.

37 moments in British history every child should learn

500 Anglo-Saxon conquest Venerable Bede Durham Cathedral, Lindisfarne Coming of Christianity

900 The Danelaw Alfred, Cnut York Anglo-Saxon literature: Beowulf

1066 The Norman Conquest William the Conqueror White Tower, London Domesday Book, rise of serfdom

1170 Battle between king and Church Thomas Becket, Henry II Canterbury Cathedral Expansion of government

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