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Super blow to nation’s richest

Phillip Hudson A $1 BILLION tax hit on super for the nation’s richest 1 per cent will reduce the Budget pain on low and middle-income families.

What secret agreement does the Australian Government have with the US regarding the permament deployment of US forces onto Australian soil? The Australian Government must tell the Australian people the truth of this matter. We do not live in some Soviet Union disinformation state, we live in what is a much touted Democracy. We give Governments their authority and power. In our system of Government without the people Governments would have no power.

US to shift Marines to Australia

AFP THE US has announced it will withdraw 9000 Marines from Japan and redeploy them to Australia, Guam and Hawaii.


Romanian government falls in vote

AP ROMANIA’S government has fallen in a no-confidence vote, as opposition parties seized on widespread public anger over corruption.

Health ministers warn of ‘unsustainable’ services




Small target, big letdown

Opinion Peter Hartcher: Tony Abbott’s team is no closer to being the serious alternative Australians crave.


Review stalls federal affordable homes scheme

ADELE HORIN Plans to build hundreds of affordable homes for low income workers in NSW have been put on hold while the state government reviews a housing program initiated by the federal Labor government.


Pain in Spain as jobless rate soars

By Europe correspondent Rachael Brown

Spain’s unemployment rate has hit a 20-year high, with more than 5.6 million people out of work.


Australia, Turkey agree on Gallipoli centenary events

By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker

Australia and Turkey have agreed on a series of cultural events to mark the centenary of the landing at Gallipoli in 2015.

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