China Escalates Crackdown On Internet Amid Scandal

China has stepped up its campaign to clamp down on the Internet, which has emerged as a virtual town square for exchanging information about the Bo Xilai scandal and the nation’s biggest political upheaval in years.

China to PH: Don’t internationalize dispute

China warned the Philippines on Wednesday not to “internationalize” the two countries’ simmering territorial dispute in the South China Sea, as US and Philippine forces staged war games in the area.

China has been locked in a maritime dispute with the Philippines over the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea, a body of water considered a potential Asian flashpoint due to the overlapping claims of several nations.

“Internationalizing this issue will only complicate and magnify the situation,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Liu Weimin told reporters in response to a question about the current situation in the dispute.

“We do not wish to see the Philippines get other countries involved and get them to take sides over the issue.”

What the US is doing with these exercises is provocation, pure and simple.

There are ways to negotiate this dispute directly between the Phillipines and China, if cooler heads in Beijing and Manilla can prevail.

Philippine, U.S. stage war games near disputed South China Sea

American and Philippine troops waded ashore on Wednesday in a mock assault to retake a small island near disputed areas in the South China Sea, an exercise expected to raise tension with rival claimant China.

“Never was China ever mentioned in our planning and execution,” Lieutenant General Juancho Sabban, commander of military forces in the western Philippines, told reporters.

“China should not be worried about Balikatan (shoulder-to-shoulder) exercises,” he said. Sabban has jurisdiction over the disputed Spratly Islands and Reed Bank, where the Philippines is due to open oil-and-gas exploration bids on Friday.

Is this provocation over these disputed islands an excuse to go to war with China, as a way of not having to pay back what the US government owes it?!?

I wouldn’t discount that there are some in the bowels of power in DC who think this is a great idea, and for just that reason, no matter how completely idiotic it might sound on the surface.

LFTR in 5 Minutes – THORIUM REMIX 2011


Thorium is readily available & can be turned into energy without generating transuranic wastes. Thorium’s capacity as nuclear fuel was discovered during WW II, but ignored because it was unsuitable for making bombs. A liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) is the optimal approach for harvesting energy from Thorium, and has the potential to solve today’s energy/climate crisis. LFTR is a type of Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (Th-MSR). This video summarizes over 6 hours worth of thorium talks given by Kirk Sorensen and other thorium technologists.

24 Fukushima Reactors in USA with More Spent Fuel than Fukushima are ready to Shake & Blow?


Nuked Radio #24 NB Canada EQs & Enviroreporter Rocks it on G4!


Weird news covered as shaking & booming now happening in New Brunswick, Canada…You Tubes own Michael Collins goes mainstream with an excellent report and demo on G4…Senator Wyden making the rounds as NRC candidate is disqualified for lying to congress…(surprise–sarcasm)

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