ISAF Spokesman Responds To Departing American General’s Criticism Of Pakistan

A spokesman for the international coalition of forces in Afghanistan sought to create some distance on Tuesday from the remarks of a departing American general, who sternly criticized Pakistan for failing to cooperate on border security earlier in the week.

The spokesman’s remarks come one day after Maj. Gen. John Toolan, who until last month was the top commander of international forces in Afghanistan’s violent southwestern Helmand Province, faulted Pakistan for failing to take any action to stop the flow of drugs and militants across the border.

“I know for a fact that drugs are moving out [of Afghanistan] through Pakistan and lethal aid is coming in on a regular basis,” Toolan said in a speech on Monday at the Atlantic Council, in Washington, D.C.

Memo to Major General Toolan; after a US/NATO decade of occupation in Afghanistan, blaming the Pakistanis for not having managed to create anything, which in any measure or metric, even remotely resembles a military victory, is a very cheap shot.

If US and NATO leadership had any shred of logic, they would withdraw immediately, and negotiate with whatever government was left standing in Kabul for the oil pipeline routes.

Of course, THAT…would be logical.

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