Japanese Seaweed Purchased in California Tests at 94% Above Normal Levels

An April 13th radiation test of Japanese Nori Seaweed conducted by the EnviroReporter showed levels 94.7% above normal levels.

This organic, trendy food has been shown to be chalked full of above normal levels of radiation while the US government continues its large scale cover up.

Second Explosion At Plant Containing Depleted Uranium And 3,400 Drums Of Radioactive Materials

The Mitsui petrochemical plant has been rocked by a second explosion as the plant owner is now claiming the radioactive agents are harmless to people.

US wades into China-Philippine standoff

China has beefed up its naval might around the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea, threatening a clash as the United States and Philippines hold joint military exercises in the vicinity of the potentially energy rich disputed maritime territory.

In a show of force, a state-of-the-art Chinese vessel, the Yuzheng 310, is now on patrol near the Scarborough Shoal, raising the strategic ante as its maritime standoff with the Philippines heads into a second week. Certain news reports have suggested as many as five other Chinese patrol vessels are now in the area.

This situation could well spiral out of control in a heartbeat.

Let us hope that cooler heads in Manilla, DC, and Beijing prevail, and that whatever disputes exist regarding these waters can be resolved diplomatically, through negotiation.

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