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Documents obtained under Freedom of Information laws show that show that more than 50 non-military organisations have asked to fly drone aircraft, many of which can carry cameras and surveillance equipment for spying within the US.

The figures from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil liberties group pledged to defending Americans from digital snooping by government, showed that major agencies like the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice had been cleared to launch drones.

France election 2012: one in five vote for Marine Le Pen as Nicolas Sarkozy is beaten into second place

According to official forecasts, the 43-year-old daughter of the founder of the National Front (NF) secured between 18.2 and 20 per cent of the vote, performing even better than Jean Marie Le Pen’s shock result in 2002, when he won 17 per cent.

At her press conference on Sunday night she burst into a rendition of La Marseillaise in front of delirious supporters waving the national flag.

“Whatever happens over the next two weeks, the battle for France has only just begun,” she said.

“We have exploded the monopoly of the two [main] parties of banks, finance, of multinationals, of resignation and abandonment, and carried higher than ever before the hopes of national ideas.

Report: Turkey Mobilizing Army Following Border Clashes With Syria

ABC news 77 investigative reporter Aaron Klein reports that the Turkey army is mobilizing their army following a series of clashes with Syria troops along the border.

Spy found dead in a holdall ‘was being followed in weeks before he was killed’

The MI6 spy found dead in a holdall feared he was the target of hostile surveillance in the days before he died, detectives have revealed.

In a disclosure that further deepens the mystery surrounding the fate of GCHQ codebreaker Gareth Williams, it has emerged he confided in a friend that he was being followed.

His naked and decomposing body was later found in the bath of his home in Pimlico, central London, in August 2010.

Oil and Food Speculation by our “Too Big to Fail Banks” – The Middle Class Continue to Get the Shaft

The problem with any kind of speculation is that this garbage contributes nothing worthwhile to our society. They speculate on the future as well as the now, caring less if they win or lose. They, meaning the investment divisions of these huge banks, just speculate in the other direction if the first direction loses. First these monolithic scumbags steal America’s wealth by way of the Federal Reserve, and then they turn around and give America another low blow by this scourge called speculation. These people are literally playing with human lives, and if looked at globally, it’s horrendous. In part, if not in full, countries have fallen because of the garbage. Namely Greece. Europe is a close second, and we are next.

New Law: Virginia will not cooperate with NDAA detention

What a wonderful day this is – I no longer have to assume that if a law enforcement officer must visit me that I may be whisked away to some secret location indefinitely.

Tech experts rubbish government web snooping tactics

The UK government’s proposal to separate communications data from content, as part of new plans to allow intelligence services to monitor all internet activity, is unfeasible according to a panel of technology experts.

Anderson believes that the government’s proposal will fail, because once society and police understand what is going on, there will be an outcry against it. However, he predicts that the next move will be to approach service providers like Facebook and Google and ask them to install monitoring technology.

U.S. agents’ vice girl scandal to cost taxpayers $1.5m as team of investigators are flown to Colombia

She said she struck up a conversation with 24-year-old Dania Suarez, who was with another Obama agent at a Cartagena disco. After ordering two bottles of vodka, the man agreed to pay Dania for sex, Miss Camila said.

Grassley: Were White House staff involved in prostitution scandal?

If the Secret Service did share rooms with White House communications or advance teams, Mr. Grassley also asked whether logs for those rooms were checked to see if the hotel had overnight guests registered to them.

Tory MP calls for RIPA powers to be revoked The intelligence services already have too much power

Conservative party MP David Davis has said that the powers of unwarranted intelligence, surveillance and interception granted in the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) should be revoked.

“We need to go in completely the opposite direction,” said Davis. “We need actually to take back the powers that were given in RIPA. We need to take back all the unwarranted oversight powers. Leave none in place.”

He described the commissioner for interceptions, the commissioner for the intelligence service and the chief surveillance commissioner as the “three blind mice”, alluding to the laxity of their reports and their failure to issue robust sanctions against improper or unauthorised snooping.

In the past 100 years, only two countries made it illegal for Jews and non-Jews to marry: Nazi Germany and Israel

The only democracy in the Mideast, my tuchus!

Who cannot Register?

Judaism is interested in preserving the sanctity and distinctiveness of the Jewish people. In order to become a part of the Jewish people, therefore, one must freely choose to do so – through halachic conversion, and not through marriage. Marriage laws in Israel are in accordance with Jewish law; thus, there are couples who are ineligible for marriage. If you fall into such a category, the rabbinate will inform you of such when you come to register, and attempt to find a viable halachic solution. If it is unable to come up with a solution, you will not be able to legally marry in Israel. If you get married abroad and return to Israel – you will be registered as married in the population registry.

Ron Paul co-sponsored bill to Help North Carolina

A Slick Trick on the NDAA and Indefinite Detention; Don’t Be Fooled!

It looks like there is slick little trick brewing in Congress. Supporters of locking people up without charge or trial are getting ready to play yet another trick on the American people.

Late yesterday, Congressman Scott Rigell and 26 other members of Congress introduced a bill, H.R. 4388, which he is trying to sell to the American people as a “fix” for the National Defense Authorization Act. But in fact, it is a useless bill that might actually end up causing harm.

That’s right. The plan in the House of Representatives seems to be to try to fool Americans into thinking that they are fixing the indefinite detention problems with the NDAA and the Authorization for the Use of Military Force, when in fact, they are doing nothing good.

Don’t be fooled!

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