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Dutch Government On Brink Of Collapse

The Dutch government is on the brink of collapse after politicians hit an impasse on implementing austerity measures required to secure a bailout.

Financial Armageddon Approaches: Spain is About to Enter a Full-Scale Collapse

Economic data and technical indicators reveal Spain is about to entire a full-scale collapse will trigger the dominoes to fall across Europe.

Petrochemical Complex Containing Nuclear Fuel On Fire After Explosion

A chemical complex containing nuclear fuel is engulfed in a massive fire at Mitsui chemicals after a lightning strike caused an explosion

“Something new in the history of medicine is happening at Fukushima” says physician — 30% of children tested had thyroid lumps — “Now that’s really early, that’s within the first year, that’s unheard of”

But something new in the history of medicine is happening at Fukushima, says Dr. Caldicott […]

“Now that’s really early. That’s within the first year. That’s unheard of.”

[Referring to study finding 1,143 of 3,765 (~30%) of Fukushima children who were tested were found with lumps on their thyroid glands -SOURCE]


“Fukushima I predict means the end of the nuclear power industry, and it’s already happening in Japan.”

Fracking: Pennsylvania Gags Physicians

If a company does release information about what is used, health care professionals are bound by a non-disclosure agreement that not only forbids them from warning the community of water and air pollution that may be caused by fracking, but which also forbids them from telling their own patients what the physician believes may have led to their health problems.

Euro-dollar failing, BRICS seek more say in IMF’

With the EU’s future shrouded in uncertainty, the IMF chief has set a goal to protect the world from Europe. Christine Lagarde wants to erect a 400 billion dollar financial wall around the bloc. The plan however is short 80 billion dollars, with hopes that the fast growing countries known as the BRICS group will plug the hole. Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa are ready to lend a helping hand, but only for a bigger say over the international bank.

HOA Forecloses on Home Already Paid in Full for $1200 in back dues.

HOUSTON – This four-bedroom, two bathroom house has been Ann Izzat’s home for almost 32 years.

Even though it’s completely paid off, Ann was evicted. It followed a knock on the door just a couple of days ago.

“I saw my mom go outside,” Ann’s son Anthony Izzat said. “The next thing I know she came back in and told me we had 30 minutes to get al of our stuff, all thirty two years, and get it out, I went outside and asked for a card, they sat out here and actually laughed and said trust us.”

“We had to leave and could not be at home while all the contents could be removed, they took all the contents to storage,” Ann Izzat said. “I was shocked I didn’t know what was happening.”

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