Israeli teens enter jail rather than take part in army crimes against Palestinians

About Holocaust deniers and access roads

Like every year on Holocaust Remembrance Day, there was an enormous banner headline: “Remember, and Never Ever Forget.” But in the memorial ceremony, on which a report followed under that headline, there was not much of a reference to the memories of the past, the inconceivable horror for whose commemoration this date had been inserted in our calendar. On the past which needs to be remembered our PM had only a few perfunctory words to say, before rushing on to his real interest – the future which awaits us, the new Auschwitz which is prepared for us in Iran, and the might and power of our army and our Air Force which would soon go rushing over there to crush the terrible plot. (At least, on this occasion Netanyahu he made no jokes about ducks).

Israeli settlers assault UN delegation in al-Khalil

Jewish settlers threw stones and rubbish on a number of foreign law professors, who are participating in a conference about Palestine’s membership in the U.N. which is being held at al-Khalil University, while they were touring the old city near the Jewish settlement of Beit Hadasa….

Lecturer and researcher at Oxford University, Abbas Sheblaq said that the situation in the old city is a clear proof of the fascistic way used by the occupation to uproot Palestinians and the Israeli mentality which aims to eliminate the other.

Republicans eye $680 m. for Iron Dome

The United States would spend an additional $680 million through 2015 to strengthen Israel’s short-range rocket shield under a plan crafted by House of Representatives’ Republicans, two congressional staff members disclosed on Friday.

Top Republicans have criticized Obama for what they described as inadequate funding of US-Israeli missile defense cooperation in his 2013 budget request released in February amid deficit-reduction requirements.

Memo to House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard McKeon; forgive me, but is this country not supposed to a nation ruled by law?

I would, therefore, like to remind you both of a law called the Symington Amendment, which prohibits the US government from providing any monetary or military aid to countries which have nuclear weapons programs, but refuse to become signatories to the NNPT, and refuse to allow their nuclear sites to be inspected.

Israel is a nuclear-armed country which refuses to sign the NNPT, and refuses to allow its nuclear sites to be inspected.

So why does the US government continue to provide monetary and military aid, when this is illegal, according to US law?!?

One of two things needs to happen here; either the amendment needs to be repealed, or there needs to be a special exemption applying only to Israel in this regard: you cannot have it both ways.

Oh, and by the way, while you have been diligently shilling for more financial aid for Israel, more and more Americans have become homeless and hungry, in case you didn’t get the memo.

One of the consequences of the recession that you don’t hear a lot about is the record number of children descending into poverty. The government considers a family of four to be impoverished if they take in less than $22,000 a year. Based on that standard, and government projections of unemployment, it is estimated the poverty rate for kids in this country will soon hit 25 percent. Those children would be the largest American generation to be raised in hard times since the Great Depression. In Seminole County, near Orlando, Fla., so many kids have lost their homes that school busses now stop at dozens of cheap motels where families crowd into rooms, living week to week.

These abysmal conditions here at home don’t phase you, and that is because no person can two masters.

Yours is obviously in Tel Aviv, as you both are certainly not true representatives for the people you were allegedly hired to take care of in the last election.

You should be ashamed that you are not doing a better job for those people; but of course, shame is an emotion you had surgically removed before you took office.

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