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The inaugural meeting of the 120 elected members of the first ever European Jewish Parliament (EJP), described as a new and innovative forum to voice the thoughts, beliefs and ideas as well as concerns of European Jews, took place on Thursday at the European Parliament building in Brussels.

I guess the regular parliament just isn’t good enough for them!

TEPCO: Not Enough Money To Handle Fukushima Nuclear Reactor 4 Problems

The problem at Fukushima nuclear reactor 4 which is being dubbed as the greatest short-term threat to humanity and has the potential to destroy our world and civilization as we know it.

Now nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen who is one of the only people providing objective scientific analysis about the Fukushima nuclear fallout believes based on his analysis of the problems that TEPCO simply doesn’t have enough money to deal with the issues there.

Glenn Greenwald Blast Media For Attacks On RT And Julian Assange

Salon writer Glenn Greenwald tears apart media attacks on Assange’s new RT showing they are blatant scorn for bringing about unauthorized transparency for the U.S. government.

All Wrapped Up, Right Mitt? Not So Fast! GOP Delegates REFUSE To Sign Romney Pledge

The GOP presidential candidate the media is calling the presumptive nominee for the 2012 election is facing a rebellion from GOP delegates that refuse to support him.

NSA Whistleblower Speaks Live: “The Government Is Lying To You”

Former NSA technical director says the government is lying about their massive power to spy on Americans and warns it has the power to create a turkey Orwellian totalitarian state.

Violent Riots Erupt From Montreal Protests

Student protests in Montreal have turned into violent riots forcing police to use batons, grenades and chemical irritants to control crowds refusing to disperse.

Ron Paul Still in the Race with Millions in Funding and Zero Debt

First Rick Santorum slipped out of the race for the GOP nomination, and next Newt Gingrich said he would support Romney but would still run. But what about Ron Paul’s quest for the White House?

According to the latest bulletin from the campaign headquarters of the Texas congressman, Ron Paul is still in the race and rolling in the bucks.

Republican Party presidential hopeful Ron Paul is still polling strong among many demographics and shows no sign of slowing down. At least if his bank records have anything to do with it. The candidate’s camp announced on Friday that so far in 2012 his campaign has managed to bring in almost $10.4 million in contributions from donors determined to keep the congressman in the GOP race.

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