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CIA ‘wants more’ drone strikes in Yemen

The CIA is seeking permission to launch more airborne drone strikes in Yemen, even when there is a risk the victims might not always be terrorists, The Washington Post reported.

The targets would be chosen based on intelligence reports indicating suspicious behavior, such as images of militants unloading explosives or gathering at al-Qaeda compounds.

If President Barack Obama’s administration gives the CIA permission for the strikes, it could represent a politically dangerous escalation of US military activity in Yemen, the Post said.

Translation; the US Government is losing the drone war in Yemen because it is making absolutely zero attempt to cajole the current government into fixing the conditions on the ground which have lead to the unrest in the first place.

Since the departure of “President” Selah, the conditions of the Yemenite people have not become any better at all, and they are suffering from massive poverty, political corruption; a lack of infrastructure, and a lack of foreign investment which would translate into jobs.

The late President Kennedy said it best; when peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.

The only intelligent way to put an end to this is for the US to be providing human aid, in terms of food and medical support, to begin with, and find a mechanism to insure that this aid actually gets to the people for whom it was intended; not doled out as a “prize” for any government-controlled paramilitary organizations tasked with suppression of the Yemenite people.

The only real reason we are in Yemen is to prevent this unrest from spilling into the oil giant Saudi Arabia next door, where the sclerotic House of Saud is having its own problems with political unrest due to unemployment and poverty.

Unfortunately, they are also using brutal suppression of their people to attempt to stomp on it, and refuse to fix the problems causing the unrest in the first place.

The worst case scenario for the US government would be for Saudi Arabia to be in political rebellion or revolution to the point where their oil stops flowing, right at the moment when the US and/or Israel are going to invade Iran.


Eisner’s blunder was not striking an unarmed peace activist in the face per se, using his M-16 rifle, but doing this in full view of TV cameras.


Since the 1979 Iranian revolution and the downfall of the US Puppet Ruler the Shah, Iran has been an Islamic state. In that interval of time, 1979 to the present, Iran has not invaded anyone. Not once. People of all religions live in peace in Iran, even Jews, who find life so comfortable in Iran they refused an offer by the government of Israel to emigrate!

CIA seeking authority to radically expand covert drone campaign in Yemen

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

The American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is now seeking new authority to expand their covert bombing campaign, which is carried out via unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, better known as drones), including the power to murder suspected terrorists in Yemen even when they do not know who the people they are killing actually are…

US trains terrorists in Kuwait camps

The United States military has been training terrorists in a military base in Kuwait, preparing them for attacks in the Middle Eastern countries.

The recruits are sent to the “Arifjan” base where they receive military training and learn methods of bombing and terror operations within a three month period, according to reports.

The US military then sends the trained terrorists as ringleaders to countries such as Iran, Iraq and Syria to set up terror networks inside these countries and embark on terrorist activities and carry out acts of sabotage with the support of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

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