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Economy: Wayne Swan lauds latest IMF forecasts


Secret archive shames Britain

IAN COBAIN Thousands of documents detailing some of the most shameful acts and crimes committed during the final years of the British Empire were destroyed.

I dragged the violin and bow out of the cupboard while watching Mr Smith, the Defence Minister, on 4 Corners this week as he told the Nation how much emotional turmoil and feeling he and other politicians endured each time a Soldier was killed in Afghanistan. The solution to politicians’ pain and suffering is to stop playing domestic and high end international politics with the lives and well being of young Australians. Stop using young Australians as playthings to be used to garner approval and kudos from the US by sending them around the world to take part in US pre-emptive Wars and invasions of other countries whose people have done nothing to us. It was just as heart rendering to listen to former PM John Howard as he lamely tried to excuse his culpability in going all the way with the USA.

Rate cut hopes boosted

PHILLIP COOREY Prime Minister Julia Gillard says a budget surplus will free the Reserve Bank to cut interest rates.

That $7Bil we have spent in Afghanistan would have gone a long way towards solving the submarine problem. Just imagine what 7bil would have bought for the Armed Forces and Australian infrastructure.

‘Catastrophic’ lack of submarines

DYLAN WELCH Australia could be left without a single military submarine at a crucial time.

Is the Anzac legend a pork pie?

Solomon Lew tries to supress media

BEN BUTLER The billionaire Solomon Lew has lashed media reports of a multimillion-dollar family legal stoush, telling a court they are ”vindictive”, and ”motivated by some personal animus”.

US Secret Service sex scandal growing

NICK O’MALLEY The official motto of the US Secret Service is ”Worthy of trust and confidence”. After a party involving government employees and prostitutes, its unofficial slogan is now better known.

Photos show US troops posing with Afghan remains

A US newspaper has posted previously unseen photos showing US soldiers posing with the mangled remains of suspected Afghan suicide bombers.

Mr Hockey please include Corporate welfare in your call.

Hockey calls for review of all welfare payments

Federal Opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey says a future Coalition government would review the whole range of welfare payments.

Early Australian exit is part of the plan: NATO

NATO’s chief says Australia’s decision to bring troops home from Afghanistan early is part of the war strategy and won’t prompt other nations to rush out.

Bank of Queensland swings to loss

Bank of Queensland has announced a loss for the first half of the financial year due to a sharp rise in bad loans.


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