American Muslim Alleges FBI Had A Hand In His Torture Overseas

Fikre had been visiting family in Khartoum, Sudan, when, in April 2010, the officials got in touch with him. He agreed to meet with them, but ultimately balked at cooperating with FBI questioning without a lawyer present and he rebuffed a request to become an informant. Pressing him to cooperate, the agents told him he was on the no-fly list and could not return home unless he aided the bureau, Fikre says.

We still torture, or outsource torture, no matter what President Obama has said about it.

“Black sites” outside the US exist for just this purpose.

And if you don’t believe it, take a look at the US prison in Bagram, Afghanistan.

Bagram – As America works to hand over control of Afghan detention facilities to the Afghan authorities, a new report by an Afghan investigative commission says inmates at a Bagram prison claim they have been tortured. The prison in Bagram, Afghanistan is known as “the forgotten second Guantanamo” but worse than Guantanamo. Exposed several years ago as a place of torture by human rights lawyers, a new report says inmates are still claiming they have been tortured and held without evidence. An Afghan commission has investigated the prison prior to its transition to Afghan control. The BBC reported that Gul Rahman, head of the investigation, reported “During our visit to Bagram some of the prisoners talked of misconduct, some alleged they had been tortured.” Other prisoners complained they were still held in the prison after being cleared for release. Few details of alleged torture were detailed in the Afghan report by the Constitutional Oversight Commission.

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