Testimony: Israel Security Agency prevents young man with rare disease from traveling to East Jerusalem for treatment

The soldiers drove me to the Erez crossing. They gave me my bag and papers. I left the checkpoint and got to the Palestinian Liaison Office. I continued walking until I got to the Hamas checkpoint. They interrogated me, and I got home around 19:00.

I was very tired and my whole body hurt, because of all the riding around and walking from place to place. All those hours I also went without food or drink. I was also very sad and very worried because I could not get to the treatment and they held me for no reason. I was right back where I started. I am still hoping to be able to get to al-Makassed to receive treatment.

This is one of the Israeli government’s multifaceted elements of their very own “Final Solution” the their alleged “Palestinian Problem”; the denial of desperately needed medical treatment for sick Palestinians.

The Israeli government should be ashamed for what happens to people like Kamel a-Taramsi; unfortunately, it appears that all who serve in the Knesset, the IDF, and the ASA have had their consciences surgically removed before they are employed in these roles by the Israel government.

The Babylonian Captivity of Washington: Israel Can Start a War and the US Can do Nothing to Stop It

So Israel can start a war and the United States can do nothing to stop it and will become a major victim of whatever plays out. If that is true, why is the mainstream media ignoring the story? The account of the disturbing Pentagon war games did indeed appear in the New York Times and was picked up in a number of other places, but it quickly died out, as always happens with stories that are critical of Israel and its policies. Supporters of Israel might also be quick to note that the hue and cry against another war is largely coming from the usual suspects who are philosophically opposed to interventionism, including supporters of Ron Paul and a number of contributors to this website.

The interests, and welfare, of the American people are not served by the US government’s sycophantic, lock-step march with Israel, where Israeli government interests are in a head-on collision with the needs and welfare of We the People.

No person can serve two masters: the US government can either take care of its people, which it was allegedly elected to do, or take care of the needs and concerns of Israel. But it cannot do both, particularly when taking care of Israel means hurting the American people (which these wars do, physically and economically, and that is simply the truth.


Regarding the Welcome to Palestine Flytilla, one of the right week activists was quoted as saying the following; “We have to show our Zionism and provide better hasbara (public diplomacy). The world does not see this enough.”


First it was the zionists that just about declared a Fatw? against Gunter Grass, shunned for daring to tell the truth about Israel being a danger to world peace. Banned from entering Israel (even though he had no immediate plans of doing so).

Now we are hearing echos from the very supporters of that danger. Could this be out of guilt for blindly approving every wrong move made by the zionist entity? Or perhaps out of fear of having a boycott declared against your works by the likes of an Abe Foxman or others connected with the evil Lobby.


Can you guess where this is going? No fair peeking!

“However, more recent data indicate that both the risk of trauma exposure and PTSD may be influenced by genetic make-up and family environment; for example, studies show an increased prevalence of PTSD in the adult children of Holocaust survivors even though these children as a group did not have greater exposure to life-threatening events.”

And there you have it! An endless supply of holocau$t victims that will need financial aid for times without end!

The Cactus Moon Is Shining

Horrific footage shows moment Israeli army officer smashed Danish peace protester in face with his rifle

A senior Israeli army officer who smashed a pro-Palestinian protester in the face with his gun has been suspended after footage of the horrific incident was put online.

Lieutenant-Colonel Shalom Eisner is seen ramming his M-16, with both hands, into Danish national Andreas Ias’s face as activists took part in a bicycle rally in the occupied West Bank.

The video from Saturday’s incident shows him falling to the ground and then being carried away by activists.

I see that Israel’s ‘magaphonies’ are on overtime in the comments section; trying once again to defend the indefensible!

Democratic Jewish group attacks Mark Perry for report on Israeli access to Azeri airspace

The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) has smeared a distinguished journalist, Mark Perry, as an “‘anti-Israel warrior'” as part of a partisan battle over whether the Obama administration is leaking information to the press to head off an Israeli attack on Iran.

How very Democratic of them!

470 Of Passengers Marked As Activists, Had Nothing To Do With “Welcome To Palestine”

Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported that 470 of the 1200 persons that Israel labeled as “pro-Palestinian”, part of the Welcome To Palestinian Flytilla, were not activists, two of them were a French diplomat and his wife.

Haaretz said that %40 of those marked as part of the Flytilla were just added to the blacklist of the Shin Bet intelligence agency without any proof that they were connected in any way to the Welcome To Palestine campaign.

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