BREAKING: US Senator issues press release on Fukushima No. 4 Spent Fuel Pool — Urges Japan to accept international help — Warns situation worse than reported after touring plant

Fukushima Nuke Plant Reactor 4?s Slowly Changing Look: Photos from March 2011 to March 2012

It’s so slow that nothing seems to have been happening.

March 15, 2011, the day Reactor 4 had an explosion. At that time, “fire” was emphasized not “explosion”, and the condition was described as “a hole in the wall, and damage to the ceiling”. More accurate would have been “8-meter hole in the wall that is crumbling, and no ceiling except for steel beams.”

Report: Tepco will start building sarcophagus over Fukushima No. 4 Spent Fuel Pool TOMORROW



Media, Academia Join Forces to Downplay Dangers of Nuclear Power

Since the nuclear disaster in Fukushima started in March, the media has been full of misinformation about the dangers posed by the nuclear accidents and the damage caused by past accidents such as those at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. Whether it is Jay Lehr on Fox News1 or George Monbiot on Democracy Now,2 the story line is the same: there were only dozens of deaths from the Chernobyl and none from TMI, the health consequences for the general population are negligible, and all things considered nuclear power is among the safest forms of energy.

Great game in the South China Sea

On April 5, Russian energy giant Gazprom plunged into the maritime dispute between Vietnam and China with the announcement it would help state-owned PetroVietnam develop a lucrative off-shore energy field. By taking a major stake in the 5.2 and 5.3 blocks located in the Nam Con Son basin, Gazprom brings both exploration know-how and Russian political clout to the deal.

Just five days after the Gazprom announcement, China’s Foreign Ministry stated its opposition to “the exploration and exploitation of ocean oil and gas resources in Chinese sea territories without our permission” and said it had “made representations and taken measures to stop these illegal activities.”

Book: Reactor No. 4 deformed in front of our eyes, says Fukushima worker — Walls morphed like special effects from movie — No large explosion, yet building destroyed



STAY OUT OF THE RAIN! Radioactive Fallout 49X Greater Than Background Radiation.


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