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SYRIA: US conspires with Turkey over militarized buffer zone following Syrian ceasefire

Washington has made clear that the ceasefire implemented Thursday is only a staging post in its plan for regime change in Syria.

Attention is now concentrated on setting up a buffer zone on the Turkish border. This will provide a bridgehead and base of operations for the SNC and various covert operatives. More importantly, its “protection” will be used to legitimize a wider military deployment and aerial attacks, as was carried out recently in Libya.

It is being made painfully obvious, courtesy of the US and NATO, that the majority of citizens of Syria will have absolutely no say in how they will be governed, when this regime change takes place.

That, of course, will be the first step necessary to isolate Iran, ahead of an Israeli-US attack against it.

US, NATO HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. Syrian ‘Opposition’: West-controlled Proxy Paramilitary’

Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Center for Research on Globalization, noted that Susan Rice, the US Ambassador to the UN, was wrong in saying that Russia and China had blood on their hands.

“NATO has blood on their hands,” he told RT. “The United States has blood on their hands. Why? Because they have supported an armed insurgency from the onset in March 2011. It is known and documented that this so-called opposition is, in fact, a proxy paramilitary formation, which is supported by the Western military alliance.”

Political analyst Lajos Szaszdi says the US, as well the Gulf States and Turkey, prefer to see the failure of the UN-brokered peace plan put forward by the organization’s Syrian envoy Kofi Annan.

Every time any leader of NATO prates on about “humanitarian concerns”, just substitute the words “regime change”, and you will know the true outcome is which is desired there.

Syria: Another “Humanitarian War” Based on Lies & Deceit

The Paris-based Centre for the Study of Interventionism (CSI) and Julien Teil, director of “Lies behind the “Humanitarian War” in Libya: There is no evidence!” has recently released a short documentary exposing how a cartel of Western nations and their Arab proxies are purposefully creating chaos inside targeted nations and then using it as a pretext to invade, topple governments, and replace them with preselected client regimes, and in effect threatening the very concept of national sovereignty.

South Yemen Fighting Spreads: 177 Killed So Far

The ongoing fighting between the Yemeni government and a militant faction (either Ansar al-Sharia or al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) depending on the news source) continues to escalate today in the strategic town of Lawder, with locals reporting that the overall death toll of the last four days of fighting is now 177.

The fighting hasn’t just spread inside Lawder either, with reports that the nearby town of Mudia is also seeing fighting as militants clash with locals. The US has also become involved, attacking a stolen army vehicle with a drone and killing 12 “suspects.”

the late President Kennedy said it best, and most succinctly: when peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.

Unless the US reassesses what aid, and what aid other then military, they are going to give to the Yemen government, and uses a carrot-stick approach to enforce the aid actually reaching the people of Yemen, it may well find itself with the current, hideously corrupt and disfunctional government toppled, and a very intensely anti-US government in its place.

The US government wouldn’t even be in Yemen right now, were it not for it’s proximity to Saudi Arabia, and the fear that the sclerotic House of Saud may well be toppled by unrest there, taking Saudi oil off the market when it may well be most critically needed, if there is a coming military attack against Iran.

Qaeda battles to create safe haven in Yemen


Qaeda, still smarting from the loss of its iconic leader Osama bin Laden, appears determined to capture the south Yemeni town of Loder in a bid to build itself a secure base in the Arabian Peninsula.

Its location between three provinces gives Loder strategic importance, and it can also provide a safe haven from bombardment from the sea, experts say, adding that the militant group is seeking to extend its influence across the region.

Despite the loss of an estimated 152 men in four days of fighting in and around Loder in Abyan province, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is still engaging Yemeni soldiers and local tribesmen in fierce firefights.

Forgive me, but I am rather curious: who the heck is this Mustafa Ani, and why is it impossible to find bio or contact info on him online? I am no slouch with a search engine, but I certainly couldn’t find him, other than where he is mentioned in this article.

Is he perhaps imaginary or invented in order to give an air of “gravitas” to this article?

And let’s take a longer view of the situation in Yemen, shall we?

The not-terribly-voluntary self-exile of former President Selah has done nothing to ameliorate the horrendous conditions in Yemen, in terms of poverty, political corruption, lack of education, lack of investment capital, and the lack of transparency in government.

And the late President Kennedy said it best: when peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.

In the Middle East, is certainly easy enough to label any group with extreme upset and grievances against a government which has chosen the path of violence against that government as “Al Queada” (which means, literally, “the base”, in Arabic, but colloquially, means “the toilet”), but is this a true characterization?

I am not certain about that.

But there is one thing of which I am certain, and that the US support of the current government, even to the point of massive drone bombing raids against the rebels here, is not going to resolve these consistent problems on the ground. And what we may have, ultimately, if the current Yemen government is toppled by these rebels, is a new government which is virulently anti-American.

I understand that the US government is pulling out all the stops to prevent such an outcome, but is truly going about attempting to reach this goal in a spectacularly ham-fisted, thoroughly irrational manner.

The only reason the US is here is Yemen’s proximity to Saudi Arabia, where any waves of unrest could well cripple oil production here, toppling the House of Saud, and perhaps taking Saudi oil off the market, just when it is most critically needed, if and when Israel and the US government decide to attack Iran.

What US foreign policy should be doing here is to stringently “encourage” the current Yemen government, with a carrot and stick approach, to make sure that all US aid goes precisely where it is supposed to go, in terms of medical and food supplies, and hold the government accountable for the welfare of its people.

Of course, THAT would be logical.

Egypt parliament bars Mubarak officials from running for president

Egypt’s parliament, now dominated by Islamists, has passed a law barring senior officials of the former regime of Hosny Mubarak from competing in next month’s presidential election dpa reported

The law was adopted at an emergency session late Thursday, despite warnings from the government that it may be unconstitutional.

Israel is paranoid about pro-Palestinian activists

And with what shall we frighten the Israeli public in advance of the seventh day of Passover? How will we provide the dose of fear to which it has long since become addicted? After a week of a quiet and safe vacation, we have to find something, after all. The Iranian threat has entered a negotiations freeze, terror is quiet, even the Grad missiles have diminished in number, there is no mass plague on the horizon and even the circumstances of the attack against the Jew in Kiev have not become sufficiently clear.

BREAKING | Lufthansa violates Int’l Law

German Airlines Lufthansa caved in to Bibi Netnayahu Government’s demands and cancelled tickets and flights to activists who were planning to visit Palestine..

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