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Syrian rebels ‘using Turkish refugee camps as base’

The Syrian army’s pursuit of rebels across the Turkish border has shed light on claims of rebel groups using refugee camps as safe havens. Reports suggest the Free Syrian Army could be treating them as springboards to launch incursions into Syria.

RT correspondent Sara Firth interviewed an anonymous source on the Syrian-Turkish border following the incident, who said that members of the Free Syrian Army were operating in the border region.

We told you this was coming, and what the outcome would be here: bases established right on the Syrian/Turkish border enabling armed mercenaries to wreak ever more havoc in Syria.

Bush Trained MEK Terrorists On US Soil – Still Happening?

An investigative report reveals that the MEK, or Mujahedin-e Khalq, was trained right here on US Soil at Department of Energy’s Nevada National Security Site.


Never before have 45 short lines of a poem ruffled the feathers of the Israeli establishment. Never before has a modern day German citizen dared to write those 45 lines, awakening the souls of those good Israelis that will approve of the words once they read them.
Two days ago the rightists in the government strongly condemned Gunter Grass for saying what had to be said…
Today the Hebrew Writers Association called on the world literary community to rebuke Grass’ well chosen and to the point words.

You will only like what we tell you to like!!!!!!

Commodore fired for partying, nudity in Bahrain

This is the military that will be taking on the Iranians and more than likely the Russians, Chinese and Pakistani forces this summer to make their bosses in Israel happy!

Turkish foreign minister cuts short China trip over Syria

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is cutting short his trip to China and will return to Turkey because of recent developments in Syria, a Turkish foreign ministry official said on Tuesday.

It is obvious, to any thinking person, that agents provocateurs in Syria are creating the most damage humanly possible, and making it look as though these deeds are actually being done by the Syrian military.

The West has a great deal invested in preventing a true cease-fire from taking place, and the concept of “safe haven” zones on the Turkish/Syrian border, inside Syria, has been floated by the Turkish government.

Unfortunately, the establishment of such zones will only enable more hired mercenaries to enter Syria safely from them, and create even more havoc inside Syria.

Congressmen to Abbas: Medal awarded to Helen Thomas may damage U.S. assistance to PA

The award given to controversial journalist Helen Thomas by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has sparked anger not only in Israel, but in the U.S. Congress as well. Two senior Congressmen sent Abbas a letter denouncing the award and hinting that such a move may hurt U.S. assistance to the PA.

You only like the people Israel TELLS you to like!

All kidding aside, this move by the US undermines the credibility of virtually every award handed out by the government. Are awards given to Israelis simply because they are Israelis?


Exclusive: UAE detains foreign NGO workers

Late Wednesday, the director of NDI’s Dubai office, Patricia Davis, an American, and her deputy director Slobodon Milic, a Serbian national, were stopped at the Dubai airport by UAE government authorities as they tried to leave the country, according to three sources briefed on the incident. Davis was eventually allowed to leave the UAE, but Milic was not. He was detained by authorities, and subsequently released but is still barred from leaving the UAE. The UAE government has also notified NDI that they plan to file criminal indictments against foreign NGO workers in the UAE for foreign interference in political affairs, the sources said.


The Syrian debacle

With 83 states and intergovernmental organizations represented, the second “Friends” of Syria conference was a media success. Yet, all the glimmer and gloss cannot hide NATO’s and the GCC’s defeat in Syria, which after a year of low intensity war have failed to bring about regime change and are now compelled to retreat in the face of the Russian-Sino-Iranian front. Thierry Meyssan sheds light on this bizarre diplomatic conference where words were not used to declare but to obscure.

Washington has stopped pursuing regime change in Syria because it lacks the military means.

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