Terrorism debate: Are GCHQ set to spy on you? The Sun

A SNOOPER’S Charter is to be proposed by the Government next month. Under the new law all conversations over the internet, including social networking sites and Skype, plus emails will be recorded.

Police and security services will be able to demand details of who is having the conversation and what time it takes place, but will need a court order to listen to or read the content.

Opponents say it will bring the same kind of surveillance to the UK which takes place in China and Iran, while supporters say it’s a tool in the fight against terrorism.

*Campaign to halt the Police State has reached The Sun, which means we have traction!! The fight is underway to stop these laws. :) :)

Great Britain getting its own Patriot Act?


It seemsthe UK is a little behind when it comes to fulfilling its duty to protect itscitizens. In the US the Patriot Act was passed six weeks after the 9/11 attacks,although it was and still is highly controversial act, the UK is now proposinga similar bill. If the law passes it will give the British government the powerto monitor all digital data of its citizens. Internet companies will berequired to install special hardware to track all online activity.

Experts Stunned: Key Al Qaeda Websites Went Silent After March 23

Terrorism experts are dumfounded one why the key mode of Al Qaeda communication – online forums on Jihadist websites – suddenly went silent after March 23.

New Al-Qaeda Graphic Warns Of Another Attack In New York

The NYPD and the FBI are investigating this computer graphic that was posted to an internet site linked to al-Qaeda.

“Coming soon again” is pure American colloquialism. This is another war-starting hoax by CIA/Mossad and their phony Al Qaeda actors.

Dept Of Homeland Security Orders Enough Ammo To Put A Bullet In Every Man Woman & Child In

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