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We are definitely the 51st US State. All the Government needs to do is formalise the amalgamation by signing the bit of paper. If these spy planes become a joint Aust/US operation they can only have one major task, to spy on China. This will again make friends and influence people in Beijing, our major trading partner. The US must really giggle when it sees successive Australian Governments tripping over themselves to act as US serf and peasant in the Pacific.Marines in the NT, huge exercises at Shoalwater Bay, spy station at Pine Gap, listening and submarine communication facility at North West Cape and now spy planes. Onya Government. You do the US proud. It is nonsense to suggest these facilities are needed for our defence. They are offensive facilities and policies. On all these major policies you will get the same from Lab and Lib. The Libs will not change this policy as they will not change other major policies, despite their rhetoric.


Seoul: Gillard in talks for US spy planes in Australia


Australia may host US drones at Cocos

Controversial proposal for a joint Australian-US military air base in the Indian Ocean could lead to the launch of drone spy flights across the region, according to officials quoted in Washington.

Gillard rejects Chinese concerns about US alliance

What’s new? They all do it, so aren’t people used to this jobs for the boys behaviour after all these years? I suppose the media has to have something to fill their pages. In the meantime the sheep keep voting for their team, blinkered to the scam which modern politics is.

Controversial: LNP pals named for plum posts

This is where the real Australian security danger is. At the front door, not the back door in leaky old boats off the West Australian coast. Leaky old boats with rag tag refugees make good headlines as politicians use the dramatics of it all to score political points from a scared, gullible public.Should we cease patrolling our coasts? Of course not. However the main game is our airports and sea ports and the wide open spaces of the north and the old airfields still there from WW2 days. Sealing those entry and exit points is of course much harder and requires real work and thus is put in the too hard basket.

Border patrol officers ‘smuggling illicit drugs’

AT LEAST 24 border and customs officials are reportedly working with crime syndicates to smuggle in drugs.


Apple in strife for 4G ‘fib’

Australia’s consumer watchdog will go to court today, accusing the world’s biggest company of misleading new iPad consumers.

Voters speak but Labor fails to hear

PETER COSTELLO Opinion Straight after the Qld rout, Gillard left for South Korea. That said it all.

Billions wiped off property tax for rich

SEAN NICHOLLS Wealthy landowners are having their property values reduced by billions of dollars.


Murdoch TV empire accused of dirty tricks

KAREN KISSANE Rupert Murdoch’s TV media empire is being accused of corporate espionage, computer hacking and piracy in a campaign that allegedly destroyed a rival to BSkyB.

NATOs peace and security in Libya.


30 killed in battle for Libyan oasis

More than 30 people have been killed in two days of clashes between rival militias in a southern Libyan oasis, a doctor said.

Any thinking Australian should do all they can to legally minimise their taxes. There is no sense in giving more than you need to politicians because they just waste it.

MP to withdraw guilty pleas on tax charges

A Greens MP will push to have tax charges thrown out of court after being given permission to withdraw her guilty pleas.


Russian forces kill militant in Caucasus

Russian forces say they have killed a senior militant in the North Caucasus where radical groups are seeking to impose an Islamist state, officials said.

Australia warned of handing prisoners to Iraq

Previously-secret intelligence shows that Australian military leaders were concerned about handing over individuals captured by Australian forces during the Iraq war to the administration.

Police break alleged fake passports ring

Six people have been arrested in Australia and Thailand over an alleged people-smuggling ring which was producing fake Iranian and UAE passports to get people into Australia.

All except Israel I will wager.

Nations pledge to cut enriched uranium use

By Naomi Woodley, wires

The nuclear security summit in Seoul ends with nations reaffirming their commitment to reduce the use of highly enriched uranium.

Gillard brushes aside Newspoll slump

By chief political correspondent Emma Griffiths

Julia Gillard brushes aside a new poll showing support for federal Labor has dropped again, echoing the party’s dismal performance in the Queensland election.

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