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Scientist jailed in spy sting


Reports into diggers’ deaths remain private

The Defence Department has finalised its inquiry into the deaths of five Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, but it says the findings will not be released to the public.

There is nothing to hide of course. Apparently grown up Australians aren’t mature enough to handle the truth.

Roxon blocks release of East Timor cables

By Matt Peacock

Federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon has blocked the release of cables about East Timor, despite the fact they are up to 37 years old.


Australians pay highest power prices: study

  • Australian households are paying among the highest electricity prices in the developed world according to research commissioned by the nation’s top 100 power users.

Job hunters stalked on social media

By Brigid Andersen

Job hunters are increasingly having their social media profiles judged by potential employers and some say sites like Facebook have cost them their jobs.

Lung cancer rated most deadly cancer

Lung cancer has been listed as the most deadly form of cancer in the latest analysis of deaths in Australia.

Syrian rebels accused of human rights abuses

Syrian rebels have been accused of human rights abuses including torture and execution – charges usually levelled at the Assad regime.

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