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9/11/01: Truck Full Of Explosives & Two Suspects In Custody Caught on George Washington Bridge

WCBS 10:40 PM EST, A full report on the men arrested by the George Washington Bridge with a truck filled with explosives. I have told the story many times about my personal experience in the command center at Giants Stadium when they arrested these guys. They were Israeli Mossad. Same with the 5 dancing Israeli men arrested in NJ. And the guys who were arrested by the NYPD in lower Manhattan after detonating a truck bomb.

The Death Of Freedom In America, Courtesy of the NDAA and The Patriot Act

Must watch video everyone needs to see explaining how the Patriot Act and the NDAA have suspended the constitution brought the death of freedom to America

Israeli artists start facebook campaign to tell Iranians many Israelis don’t support war threats.

Two Israeli artists, Ronnie Adri and Michal Tamir, have come up with a Facebook campaign called “Israel Loves Iran” intended to “humanize” the Israeli people for Iranian Facebook users and express opposition to the government’s war talk.

Coverage of the meme has expanded to other popular news sites in both the U.S. and Israel. Apparently, it is eliciting responses from Iranians along the same lines, which considering the dangers of self-expression on the internet in Iran, is saying something.

Australia is buying the joint strike fighter. What amazing dills we have in Canberra. I suppose we are at least keeping some US corporation in business. It’s a little known fact that during WW2 Australia had the 4th largest Air Force in the world, and our aircraft manufacturing industry was huge. Now we just dig holes in the ground, sell the minerals to overseas countries for a few hundred dollars a ton, when we could be making our own non military stuff to sell at many times the price and also have our own defence manufacturing industry. That of course is commonsensical, something severely lacking in Canberra as they prop up the manufacturing industries in foreign countries..

The Truth About the Useless F-35 & F-22

The exercise PACAFs Pacific Vision on sept 25/08 revealed the United States air superiority is just a fantasy. The exercise was consisted of face the Red Team one hundred Su-27SM, four Su-30 and two Su-35 against Blue Team one hundred F-35, one hundred eighty seven F-22 and four hundred F/A-18E/F. The exercise showed the blue team higher in number of aircraft is double inferior when hundreds of Blue Forces aircraft were lost in the first 20 minutes downed by the Red Forces., on the other hand only 12 aircraft was downed in the Red Team.

‘Iran oil exports increase in January despite sanctions’

Recent data released by the Joint Organization Data Initiative (JODI) shows that Iranian crude export has increased in January despite sanctions imposed against the country’s oil sector.

Shooting spree casts shadow on U.S. mission

You think?!

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The massacre of 16 Afghan civilians was a dagger to the U.S.-led coalition’s hearts and minds campaign, which was already in decline after 10 years of war.

US forces raped two women in Kandahar carnage: Probe mission

The Afghan parliamentary mission investigating the recent massacre of 16 civilians by US forces in Afghanistan says two women were raped during the deadly incident. Two members of the fact-finding mission, Hamidzi Lali and Shakiba Hashemi, told the general meeting of Afghanistan’s parliament on Saturday that the American troopers raped two Afghan women before starting the massacre.

Obama’s Latest Executive Order: Martial Law, Confiscation of Private Property and Forced Labor

On Friday, March 16, Obama issued another unconstitutional executive order. The National Defense Resources Preparedness EO allows the government to confiscate your property without due process under the direction of Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security.
photoObama Il Duce: Executive order permits government and corporations to steal private property.

Obama’s EO allows the president to “take actions necessary to ensure the availability of adequate resources and production capability, including services and critical technology, for national defense requirements” in the event of a “potential threat to the security of the United States.”

ABC: Russian Marines And Warships Arrive In Syria

The media is now reporting that naval ships and elite “anti-terrorism” marines from Russia have arrived in Syria ahead of possible US military intervention.

The headline “Russian Anti-Terror Troops Arrive in Syria” is being blasted by ABC news.

ABC is further running an article with a lead-in quoting a United Nations Security Council source who says the arrival of Russian military units in Syria is “a bomb” certain to have serious repercussions.”

Invisible Children Global Night Commute Musical


This is the official video from Invisible Children Inc. for the Global Night Commute in 2006. Start watching at about 1:58. It is unclear how much donation money was spent on this music video production, which is essentially a rip-off of Michael Jackson videos as well as the music from Jackson’s “Captain Eo” attraction at Disneyland. But it should be clear that Invisible Children was all about making the founders media stars rather than concern for children, and may explain why Jason Russell had his little naked abuse session on the streets of San Diego.

New Jason Russell Video — UP-CLOSE Naked Meltdown — Kony 2012



Looks like ABCNNBBCBSFAUX tried to raise on a busted flush trying to polish this turd. KONY 2012 has cratered and all the media’s horses and all the media’s men cannot put this latest war-monger hoax back together again. So, what I predict will now happen is that some patsy will come forward to confess that KONY 2012 was a hoax committed entirely by themselves without any help from any governments (“No, really, I did this all by myself. Honest!”) and ABCNNBBCBSFAUX will claim the rapid collapse of the fraud “proves” there are no such things as government conspiracies.

PUBLIC OPINION > Most People Don’t Support KONY 2012

Within a week of the video going viral, it was facing enormous amounts of criticism. Everything about the campaign was placed under a microscope. Is the video accurate? How do they plan on stopping Kony? Can it work? How are they using the money? Last week, al Jazeera screened the video in Uganda for people who were affected by Kony, and they seemed to have a problem with the video’s attitude, claiming it promotes the idea that Americans know more about their struggle than they do. In light of that, we asked the public if it still supports the campaign.

I presume these polls results are from before the video of film-maker Jason Russell totally naked and whacking off on the streets of Sam Diego went public.

U.S. Faces a Tricky Task in Assessment of Data on Iran

From the horses patoot….no nuclear weapons program in Iran! But hey maybe they are who knows. Gee it’s so hard to tell! Maybe we ought to start WW3 anyway….just to be safe!

Today, as suspicions about Iran’s nuclear ambitions have provoked tough sanctions and threats of military confrontation, top administration officials have said that Iran still has not decided to pursue a weapon, reflecting the intelligence community’s secret analysis. But if that assessment changes, it could lift a brake set by President Obama, who has not ruled out military options as a last resort to prevent Iran gaining nuclear arms.

NYPD Breaks Woman’s Ribs In Violent Occupy Wall Street Crackdown

The 6 month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street protests met with a string of police brutality and arrests leaving a female hospitalized with broken ribs.

Retired general: Afghan killings fallout could mean troops return within weeks

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) — As the attorney for an Army soldier accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians prepared to meet his client for the first time Monday, a retired U.S. general suggested the fallout from the massacre could lead to American troops beginning to return home from Afghanistan within weeks.

Paul/Napolitano Freedoms Best Choice

The two party system will be the death of our Republic.
The Time spent chasing delegates, could be spent on educating
The American People on the Constitution. The illegal Wars and
Federal reserve system have driven us into Debt slavery.
All the while our Bill of Rights is on Fire. No More Politics!–s
The Trap is the Brokered Convention and a Sellout. Between Now
And November let’s Campaign on Ending the FED, Before it Ends U.S.
This is the Ticket ~Paul/ Napolitano Third Party Now!

St Charles Caucus 3/17 #1



St. Charles Caucus 3/17 #2


St. Charles Caucus 3/17 #3



Israeli Terrorists reported ion 9-11



… then never mentioned again by ABCNNBBCBSFAUX.

TIV of arms exports from the top 50 largest exporters, 2010-2011

Top 10 of arms exports 2011,
1 1 USA 8111 9984 18095
2 2 Russia 5881 7874 13754
3 3 Germany (FRG) 2476 1206 3683
4 4 France 856 2437 3293
5 5 China 1335 1356 2691
6 6 UK 1133 1070 2203
7 9 Italy 594 1046 1639
8 10 Sweden 653 686 1339
9 8 Spain 280 927 1207
10 7 Israel 528 531 1060

Congress is irrelevant

The latest assault on the American public and formerly free states of the United States of America, has been launched. Obama constructed and issued the Executive Order referred to as National Defense Resources Preparedness. Under this Order, [National Defense] is clearly laid out. It is clear that the federal government, all of its unlawful agencies, agents, private corporations operating in fraud as “public service” agencies, our military, all of our resources, our labor, our skills, energy, commerce, production, agriculture etc., are now focused on defending the federal government……..from us.

Social fear as an obstacle to freedom in the West

Ziad El-Hady argues that freedom in Western societies is seriously compromised by people’s fear of crime, and that the post-9/11 fear of terror, which has been grossly exaggerated by the media, appears to suit some governments as it pushes the public to consent to more surveillance and social control.

The Dawn of Martial Law

The conspiracy to bring America under martial law is slowly coming out into the open. The veil is being lifted because the infrastructure of total control is almost complete and ready to go. All of America is now Guantanamo Bay. It is the largest terror state in history, and it is joined at the hip with Israel, another terror state.


Global Intelligence & Information Grid Goes Online: DI2E framework aims for streamlined intelligence sharing

DI2E is designed to build upon the Distributed Common Ground System architecture [the Army’s framework for the dissemination of intelligence across all echelons], especially its DCGS Integration Backbone and the Global Information Grid to provide seamless intelligence data ‘at the speed of Twitter,’ to quote Army Chief of Staff GEN Ray Odierno,” said Cedric Leighton, founder and president of strategic risk consulting firm Cedric Leighton Associates and a retired Air Force colonel who until 2010 was deputy director for training at the National Security Agency.

While Americans act like Sgt. Robert Bales is the victim of a massacre, here are the names of the actual victims.

In honoring their memory, I write their names below, and the little we know about them: that nine of them were children, three were women.

The dead:

Mohamed Dawood son of Abdullah
Khudaydad son of Mohamed Juma
Nazar Mohamed
Shatarina daughter of Sultan Mohamed
Zahra daughter of Abdul Hamid
Nazia daughter of Dost Mohamed
Masooma daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Farida daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Palwasha daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Nabia daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Esmatullah daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Faizullah son of Mohamed Wazir
Essa Mohamed son of Mohamed Hussain
Akhtar Mohamed son of Murrad Ali

The wounded:
Haji Mohamed Naim son of Haji Sakhawat
Mohamed Sediq son of Mohamed Naim

ABC Reports Russian Troops Have Arrived In Syria, Russia Denies

Furthermore, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the crew of Iman consists solely of “civilian personnel, which is being guarded.” That may or may not be the case, but has not stopped ABC from blasting, minutes ago, a headline that “Russian anti-terror troops arrive in Syria” a development that a “United Nations Security Council source told ABC News was “a bomb” certain to have serious repercussions.”

Near Riot As GOP Leaders Try To Steal Caucus From Ron Paul

After failing to thwart the democratic process in Seattle were Ron Paul supporters staged a coup and ran a fair election which Ron Paul won, a near riot breaks out in Missouri


When a Palestinian boy loses half of his home to Israeli settlers in East Jerusalem, he joins his community in a campaign of nonviolent protests. Efforts to put a quick end to the demonstrations are foiled when scores of Israelis choose to stand by the residents’ side.


Patch wants to know what our readers think about the hot topic that is burning over at the Park Slope Food Coop. …… See the survey below


Patch wants to know what you think about theupcoming discussion, debate and referendum vote to ban or not to ban Israeli products at thePark Slope Food Coop by determining their participation in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Mossad agrees Iran has no nuke bomb plot



Reacting to being cut off by the SWIFT banking system – Iran has now threatened to block the Straight of Hormuz – a major artery in global oil shipping. That warning comes as US and Israeli intelligence agencies, the CIA and Mossad, admit that Iran hasn’t yet decided to develop nuclear weapons. And Peter Rushton, political analyst and historian, says it’s ideology, not facts, driving talk of war against Iran.

Russian Anti-Terror Troops Arrive in Syria

A Russian military unit has arrived in Syria, according to Russian news reports, a development that a United Nations Security Council source told ABC News was “a bomb” certain to have serious repercussions.

Russia, one of President Bashar al-Assad’s strongest allies despite international condemnation of the government’s violent crackdown on the country’s uprising, has repeatedly blocked the United Nations Security Council’s attempts to halt the violence, accusing the U.S. and its allies of trying to start another war.

White House Okays Use Of Child Soldiers To Fight Terrorism

Obama waives sanctions against Chad, the Congo, Sudan, and Yemen for using child soldiers because they are “strategically important” in fighting terrorism.

Caucus Coup: Ron Paul Mob Overthrows Seattle GOP For 21 Delegates

A mob of Ron Paul supporters take over the GOP caucus in Seattle, running the GOP Establishment puppets off site with ballots in hand.

Afghan Massacre: Mass Murder By 2 Death Squads With Air Support

US cover up of the Afghan massacre unravels as probe finds two groups of US Soldiers carried executed 16 civilians, allegedly with full air support.

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