Yawning in the line at security? You’re a potential terrorist, warns Homeland Security

The office of Homeland Security is warning that apparently innocuous behaviour in passengers could be a sign that they are a terrorist.

A presentation released by the New Jersey office of the agency warns that passengers yawning, developing goose bumps and appearing fidgety could all be potential terrorists.

The presentation titled Terrorism Awareness and Prevention says it aims to educate the public on recognizing potential threats in any environment including at work and in the community as well as how to report them.

It says the ‘signs will become particularly evident in a person’s eyes, face, neck and body movements,’ the department lists some of the following descriptions as warning signs to watch out for.

Unflipping believable!!

US official got bribes to urge removal of MKO from terror list

Former Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell is among a group of former US officials who have accepted money to deliver speeches calling for the removal of the MKO from the State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

Rendell said on Monday that last week the US Treasury Department has sent a subpoena to his office, seeking information on fees he had received for MKO-related speeches.

Rendell said he had given seven or eight speeches since July, estimating that he had been paid a total of USD150,000 or 160,000.

The Treasury’s investigation raises the possibility that the group of former officials who have accepted fees to speak on behalf of the MKO could come under scrutiny for any payments traced to the group.

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