Western Psikhushka Killed Demjanjuk

Yesterday, March 17, 2012, John Demjanjuk died in a retirement home in southern Germany. On May 12, 2011, he had been found guilty by a German court in Munich of helping to murder around twenty-eight thousand Jews at Sobibor in World War II. The court sentenced him to five years in jail but then decided to release him, pending an appeal, due to his advanced age. Looking at the facts of the case, it is difficult not to conclude that this was a case of political torture aimed at advancing Israel’s political agenda.

As was the case with Iraq and Syria, and now Iran, there is no actual evidence to back up Israel’s accusations against Demjanjuk. Indeed the FBI reported that the one piece of evidence presented against him was likely a forgery. But Israel says that Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Demjanjuk must be punished and punished they shall be. So the judge refused to allow the FBI’s facts into the courtroom, because as well all know, accusations that one participated in the Holocaust are so grave that even innocence cannot be allowed to be used as a defense!

The real issue here was that Israel had already tried and convicted and condemned Demjanjuk on the charge that he was an entirely different guard at an entirely different slave-labor camp. Demjanjuk was awaiting execution when incontrovertible evidence surfaced proving his innocence and Israel was forced to release him. However, Israel cannot be seen to be wrong about any of the claims they make regarding the holocaust, for if they are wrong on one, doubt falls on all the rest. So the moment Demjanjuk was released, Israel set about trying to prosecute Demjanjuk for … well, anything they could find. Demjanjuk could not be allowed to live in freedom for his daily life was a constant reminder that Israel does indeed make mistakes with regard to the holocaust. Israel does indeed imprison and condemn innocent people. Israel must always be right, even when they are wrong. And so instead of apologizing to Demjanjuk for the earlier wrongful prosecution they used the German courts to hound a 90 year-old man until he died far away from his home and his family.

Nice going Israel; you really showed your true colors on this one.

Holocaust Museum in Houston Uses Racial Slur in Phone Call as Publicity Stunt to Raise Money?

This Sounds as PHONY AS KONY

Israel Tests Its Own Bunker Buster Bomb

Israel has developed and tested its own bunker buster bomb, that has been described as “a very credible military option,” to use against Iran.

Great! Then the US taxpayer doesn’t have to pay to buy Israel any more bombs, if they are building their own!

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