Government Wants to Control Internet

Will the Australian Government ever allow the US to take Australian citizens from Australia to the US for trial in a US Court for alleged offences committed in Australia? Don’t at all be surprised if the supine politicians in Canbarra agree to this type of extraordinary rendition. Anything is possible these days as Australian politicians genuflect and grovel to Uncle Sam and do just as he tells them. John Curtin stood up to Winston Churchill during WW2 and brought Australian Troops home from the Middle East to help defend Australia. Our current crop in Canberra don’t have the principle, courage or legal understanding to stand up to the US in peacetime.

US wins extradition of British student over UK-based website

Not a crime in the UK, but a British student will be extradited to the US for operating a website linking visitors to pages containing copyrighted material.

Dinosaur “Old World” System Seeks to Tax Alternative Media

Dinosaur old world traditional media companies push to keep their monopoly on information by moving to tax social media and alternative news sites.

Who’s tracking you online? Interview with Mozilla’s Mark Surman


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