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Defence delays 1000 days on death details

Ian McPhedran A FATHER has waited more than 1000 days for the official Defence report into the death of his 23-year-old son at Amberley RAAF base.


Karzai wants early US troops pullback

AFGHAN president Hamid Karzai asks US to confine troops to bases as Taliban severs negotiations with America.


Donation to MP may be illegal

A STATE government frontbencher was accused in parliament yesterday of taking illegal donations from a property developer

The banks can’t lose if the borrower defaults. The banks create the loan out of thin air and then if the customer defaults the banks acquire a real property for nothing. The loan is simply figures on a computer screen. It is not hard cash. It is always the borrower who stands to lose and suffer in these loans.

Default fears as banks back to high-risk loans

BANKS are lending almost the entire value of properties, asking for wafer-thin deposits to drum up business in a slow market.


Credit swipe: Card rewards cost more than ever

Bob Carr should have remained in relatively quiet retirement. Here he is doing what the US has taught us to do so well. Interfere in the internal affairs of foreign nations and then threaten them if they don’t do as we tell them to do.

Day one: Carr sparks diplomatic crisis

PNG furious as new Foreign Minister makes surprise threat in interview.

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An aggressive peace

PETER HARTCHER Indonesia has called on Australia to accept that the rise of China is natural and not threatening.

There have been drug shortages in chemists for several months already. It has been impossible to obtain the blood thinning medication Cartia in any pharmacy in Rockhampton for several months now for example.

Australian drug drought looms

MELISSA DAVEY Pharmacists threatening to run down their stock of essential medicines before subsidy cut.

Joyce breaks ranks over farmland ownership

LENORE TAYLOR The Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce is pushing for even tougher restrictions on foreign ownership of farmland and agribusinesses than those advocated by his party.

Taliban suspends US peace talks

The Taliban has suspended confidence-building talks with the Americans and the Afghan president has ordered US troops out of villages ahead of a security transition.

Afghan dies after Panetta security breach

An Afghan man has died after trying to ram a truck at US Marines waiting to greet Pentagon chief Leon Panetta in an unprecedented security breach overshadowing what was billed as a fence-mending visit.

Maralinga veterans shocked by ‘cruel’ ruling

Veterans of the Maralinga nuclear tests in South Australia in the 1950s and ’60s have suffered a major setback in their bid to sue the British government.

The British supreme court has ruled that 1,000 British veterans involved with the tests are unable to file for compensation from the UK ministry of defence because too much time has passed since the tests.

A group of 320 Australian veterans had hoped to file their own class action based on the result.

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