When a Congressman Becomes a Lobbyist, He Gets a 1,452% Raise (on Average)

Selling out pays. If you’re a corporation or lobbyist, what’s the best way to “buy” a member of Congress? Secretly promise them a million dollars or more in pay if they come to work for you after they leave office. Once a public official makes a deal to go to work for a lobbying firm or corporation after leaving office, he or she becomes loyal to the future employer. And since those deals are done in secret, legislators are largely free to pass laws, special tax cuts, or earmarks that benefit their future employer with little or no accountability to the public. While campaign contributions and super PACS are a big problem, the every day bribery of the revolving door may be the most pernicious form of corruption today.

‘Suicide attack bid’ on US Defence Secretary

A vehicle got on to the runway and burst into flames as Mr Panetta’s plane landed in Afghanistan this morning.

The bad news; they missed!

Ron Paul: “Personal Liberty Is Something Other Republican’s Never Talk About”


GOP candidates follow Ron Paul’s lead on Afghanistan

Now the GOP presidential hopefuls who at one point advocated the war in Afghanistan are now asking to bring the troops home early, but of the pack one voice has stayed consistent, Ron Paul. Mary Willison, volunteer organizer and Ron Paul supporter, joins us for more.

Feds Hid Risk To Babies From Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Fallout

Just released NRC documents reveal the government covered up a shocking annual thyroid dose of 40,000 Microsieverts for infants under one year of age.

Joe “Israeli-Firster” Lieberman wants to block Twitter accounts

Senators want to stop feeds which boast of insurgent attacks on Nato forces in Afghanistan and the casualties they inflict.

The Army is not protecting YOU – Officially Working for the World Government


Canada rallies against Election Fraud – Press TV News

Cities across Canada erupted in protest in response to recent revelations that deceptive phone calls, also known as robocalls, were deployed to influence the outcome of the 2011 Canadian election. The admission by Elections Canada that it received 31, 000 complaints, many from citizens who had received automated messages directing them to fictional polling stations, has many Canadians upset
Some have testified that the robocalls came from companies with ties to the Conservative party that won the election (Harper government).

Dear Mr. President: Letters from Israel partisans that took America to war

The idea of preemptive war also known as the Wolfowitz Doctrine—subsequently dubbed the “Bush Doctrine” by PNAC signatory Charles Krauthammer—can be traced as far back as Paul Wolfowitz’s Ph.D. dissertation, “Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East,” which was based on “a raft of top-secret documents” his influential mentor, Cold War nuclear strategist Albert Wohlstetter, somehow “got his hands on” during a post-Six Day War trip to Israel. The “top-secret” Israeli documents supposedly showed that Egypt was planning to divert a Johnson administration proposal for regional civilian nuclear energy into a weapons program.

Water cannons may be on our streets within months: Tear gas and Tasers also on police ‘wish list’ to combat riots

Every police force could have access to a water cannon within months as police chiefs vow to prevent a repeat of last summer’s riots.

Senior officers are demanding the ‘valuable’ crowd control weapons, previously deployed by UK police only in Northern Ireland, and the Government has signalled that it will foot the bill.

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