Latest News Update 2

Greece Officially Defaults, Euro Collapse Next

UK Government prepares for Euro collapse and nuclear financial fallout of Moody’s officially declaring a Greece default on their sovereign debt.

Activism Works: Campbell’s Drops BPA in Response to Health Activism, Outrage

After their products were confirmed to have some of the highest BPA levels among canned foods tested in independent research, consumers have been calling upon Campbell’s to stop using bisphenol A (BPA) in their popular canned soups. Linked to breast cancer in over 130 studies as well as diabetes, hardening of the arteries, and depression, BPA is comprising the health of many. Despite this scientific evidence, Campbell’s and some stubborn public health organizations still continue to assert that BPA is completely safe. Nonetheless, the company is making the move in response to the powerful concerns raised by consumers and health advocates alike, representing a major victory and highlighting the power of vital health activism.

A Panicked Fed Means it’s Time to Accumulate Gold and Silver

Regardless of what you think will happen over the remainder of this decade, one thing seems virtually certain: the value of paper money will be affected, perhaps dramatically. Even if the economy slips into deflation, the deflation wouldn’t last long. A panicked Fed would print to the max and set off a wild rise in prices. This is why we’re convinced currency dilution will not only continue but accelerate.

Austrian MP disputes charge of flawed Russia vote

“I feel like I was not at the same election as the OSCE,” said Stefan Schennach, a Social Democrat member of Austria’s upper house of parliament and a member of the PACE monitoring committee.
“I have to say sorry, it seems to be a politically motivated action. The OSCE probably wrote the report released after the election before the election,” he told Reuters.
Asked why he thought this, he said: “The OSCE is no boys’ choir. It is also political.”

Virginians who voted to block NDAA vs who voted 4 fascism

HB 1160 nullifies NDAA however the senate version tags on bad amendments. Here is a list of the House goons who voted to block HB 1160, they failed, still call them and let them have it. Also if you live in Virginia vote them out of office.

Hackers beat Google Chrome security Hackers have defeated Google Chrome first in an annual competition to test the security of the most popular web browsers.

At the Pwn2own competition in Canada, a group of French hackers were able to bypass Google’s vaunted security features to take control of a Windows PC in less than five minutes.

This year it was beaten by Vupen, a French firm controversial in security circles for selling the software vulnerabilities it discovers to government spy agencies.

“We wanted to show that Chrome was not unbreakable,” the firm’s head of research Chaouki Bekrar told ZDNet.

“Last year, we saw a lot of headlines that no one could hack Chrome. We wanted to make sure it was the first to fall this year.”

Secret Warning of Military Strike Against Syria Issued?

Several news sources are reporting the sudden withdraw by China, France, Canada, and other nations of foreign nationals, airline flights, diplomats, and embassy staff from Syria.

Legal Experts Destroy Rationale for Obama’s Assassination Policy

Legal experts destroy the legal rationale that the Obama administration is using to justify the assassination of US citizens as the death of the Constitution.

High Pay Beef Industry Job For Official Who Approved Ammonia Treated “Pink Slime”

The official who approved the use of an ammonia treated sludge, found in 70% of supermarket ground beef and 7 million pounds of beef headed for school cafeterias, went onto take a high paying industry job.

Exposing Kony 2012: phony youth movement promotes US military presence in Africa

A phony youth movement – Kony 2012 – is being used as a propaganda operations to promote US military intervention and instigate regime change in several African nations.

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