Dont Attack Iran Student StopTheWar Campaign London march 6

StopTheWar Coalition is starting a campaign to prevent an attack on Iran. This meeting was held in a University Student Union building, and aimed at students, with some student speakers, these are just highlights.


Nuclear Duck – Bibi Netanyahu ft. Daffy Duck & Duck Sauce


Sen. Levin sees Israeli attack to halt Iranian nuclear program as ‘very likely’

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) said Tuesday that he believes an Israeli attack on Iran is “very likely.”

Levin said the attack by Israel could occur because Iran has not stopped enriching uranium or opened facilities to international nuclear inspectors.

Memo to Senator Carl Levin:

1. As born out by all previous IAEA inspections, Iran’s scientists are enriching uranium appropriately for the creation of energy and medical isotopes. They are allowed to do this as signatories to the NNPT. Israel, on the other hand, has nuclear weapons, refuses to join the NNPT, and refuses to have its nuclear sites inspected.

2. The Iranians have just agreed to allow IAEA inspectors back in to the Parchin facilities for an inspection.

3. Iran has called for renewed talks on its energy program with EU foreign policy chief Lady Ashton, which are due to start as soon as possible.

4. Should Israel decide to attack Iran, its leadership needs to consider, very thoughtfully, that officials from nuclear-armed Russia, China and Pakistan have all stated, very publicly, that they will assist Iran militarily, should it be attacked.

5. So what we have here, Senator, is the scenario for a global thermonuclear war, into which the US government and military will inevitably be dragged, over an alleged Iranian nuclear program which cannot, to date, be proven to exist!!

I would strongly caution both you, and the Israeli leadership, to be very, very careful what you wish for here.

Netanyahu, Obama Pushing Panetta to Rush Bunker Busters to Israel

Top US officials are reporting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu formally requested that Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta approve the sale of refueling aircraft and GBU-28 bunker buster bombs to Israel.

While this is nothing new in and of itself, President Obama is said to have told Panetta to “work directly” with his Israeli counterpart and to “favorably consider” the request with an eye toward sending the advanced weaponry as soon as possible.

Both the GBU-28 and the refueling aircraft would be key elements of an Israeli attack on Iran, with the long distance of flight and the heavily reinforced positions inside Iran, particularly after decades of threats to attack have given Iran plenty of time to reinforce those positions.

IF these reports are true (and they are not sourced), the upcoming talks with Iran are just window-dressing where nothing presented will be acceptable to the Iranians, and the war against Iran will be off and running very quickly after that.

Obama challenges Iran to address nuclear issues in new talks

Saying new negotiations with Iran will provide “a pretty good sense fairly quickly” of whether a diplomatic solution can prevent war, President Obama challenged Tehran to end the mounting crisis with the West over its disputed nuclear program.

The resumption of talks, which was announced in London, gives Iran an opportunity to emerge from deepening isolation and economic upheaval and will serve as a test of Obama’s contention that a strategy of ever-tightening economic sanctions and diplomatic overtures can produce a peaceful solution.

The European Union’s foreign minister, Catherine Ashton, wrote in a letter to Saeed Jalili, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, that a date and venue for the talks should be decided “as soon as possible.”

This looks hopeful; but watch for Israeli leadership to try to derail these talks any way they think they can.

Netanyahu has already presented Iran with the following ultimatum:

Netanyahu booby-trapped himself back when he was still making his way to Washington, when he presented Iran with a public ultimatum: dismantle the underground enrichment facility near Qom, cease all enrichment activity, and remove the medium-grade uranium from Iranian territory. He realizes that the Iranian government will never agree to those terms, which seems more like setting up a casus belli that a reasonable diplomatic demand.

If Netanyahu doesn’t get what he wants from these talks, look for the war rhetoric to ratchet up, both in the US and Israel.

Lapdogs of War: Neo-Conmen Feed Hunger for Endless War on Capitol Hill

Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, an Joseph Lieberman have long been the pro Israel and war at all times neocon group that many are finally starting to label them.

These three senators essentially call for war at all times on all issues, no matter the price.

They lead the charge and spewed the military industrial complex propaganda in the build up to the failed Iraq War, they called for the humanitarian “attack” on Libya, and they are now calling for an attack on both Syria and Iran.

Iran trying to build nuclear missiles capable of hitting London, Cameron warns MPs

Iran is developing nuclear missiles capable of hitting London, David Cameron warned yesterday.

“No, really, they are doing that. And lasers. They have lasers. And they are building a Death Star. Really; a DEATH STAR!” — Number 9 3/4


Remember when Phony Tony Blair was insisting that Iraq could destroy Britain with just 45 minutes’ warning?

“Fool me once, ummmmmmmmmmm” — George W. Bush

Mr. Apocalypse is Banging on the Judgement Drum

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Putin is president of Russia again. Iran just had a legal and successful election. Israel is completely out of control. The American system is entirely corrupt and owned by the central banks and multinational corporations. What does it all mean?

Our Gang of War Criminals

If a bunch of street toughs decided to gang up and beat the crap out of some guy in the neighborhood because they feared he might be planning to buy a gun to protect his family, I think we’d all agree that the police would be right to bust that crew and charge them with conspiracy to commit the crime of assault and battery. If they went forward with their plan and actually did attack the guy, injuring or killing him in the process, we’d also all agree they should all be charged with assault and battery, attempted murder, or even first-degree murder if he died.

Israel Is Ready To Attack Iran, But are the Israelis?

A new poll came out this week however, that had some surprising findings on the subject. While Israel as a state may be prepared to attack Iran, Israel as a people are decisively not, at least not without American support. Despite years of saber rattling on the part of the Netanyahu government in the hopes of convincing the world that this needs to happen without haste, he has apparently not convinced anywhere near a plurality of Israelis on the subject. According to the poll, a whopping 81% of Israelis do not favor invading Iran without American consent and support.

There is no proper Left in American politics – even Obama is more Right-wing than Cameron

I want you to imagine a twelve-inch ruler, like the ones those of us of a certain age used to pack in our schoolbags. On the far left, just above the “1,” picture Trotsky and his band of crazies; on the far right, at “12,” Hitler and Genghis Khan.

Where on this scale would you place David Cameron? I’d put him at the seven-inch mark, a little to the right of Clement Attlee but definitely to the left of Tony Blair. This measured approach recognises distinctions down to a tenth of an inch, allowing Ed Miliband to sit fractionally to the left of the Prime Minister and just to the right of Nick Clegg.

George Galloway,Former British Parliament Member: Iran War Must Be Stopped

George Galloway, speaking at Stop the War Coalition’s National Conference on 3 March 2012, spelt out the consequences of an attack on Iran by Israel and the United States. Following the defeat of the Western powers in Iraq and Afghanistan, the British government is sleep-walking into another disastrous war, he said. They will have to be stopped or all of us will pay for their mistake for the rest of our lives.


During the last Presidential campaign it was Obama who said he would replace antagonism towards Iran with dialogue. We all know that was a lie. 

Retired U.S. Military And Intelligence Officials Tell President Obama: There Is Political Space For Dialogue With Iran

Retired U.S. military and intelligence leaders are leading the charge for peace, diplomacy, and dialogue between America and Iran.

On Monday, March 5, 2012, the National Iranian American Council sponsored a full-page ad in the Washington Post, signed by retired military and intelligence officials, that cautioned President Obama against a reckless war with Iran.

The ad features quotes on the futility of an Iranian strike to stop Iran’s nuclear program by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Former CENTCOM Commander General Antony Zinni (ret.), and Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen (ret.).

MI6 chief briefs Cabinet on Iranian nuclear threat

The head of MI6 gave a top-secret briefing to the Cabinet yesterday about the growing threat posed by the Iranian regime, which is thought to be seeking an “intercontinental missile capability”.

Sir John Sawers spoke to more than 20 ministers about the latest top-secret intelligence on the Iranian threat and the growing expectation that Israel is poised to launch a pre-emptive strike against the regime.

The secrecy around the briefing, which contained so-called “strap” intelligence shared only with top officials, was so high that ministers were ordered to leave their mobile phones outside the Cabinet room.

There are claims that basic mobile phones, without specialist anti-eavesdropping security, can be converted into “listening devices” by foreign intelligence agencies.

The Dangerous Misreading of Obama’s 2012 AIPAC Speech By The Stupid Anti-War Left

There is a narrative, mainly endorsed by the stupid anti-war left, that President Obama is still on the fence on a war with Iran, and is keeping Israel at bay. Proponents of this narrative say that Obama’s speech at the 2012 AIPAC conference was strategically titled towards the side of diplomacy in dealing with Iran instead of war.

They point to key phrases that were cushioned in the heart of the speech such as “there is too much loose talk of war,” and “now is not the time for bluster. Now is the time to let our increased pressure sink in,” as proof that Obama is trying to avoid war, but still mindful of Israel’s sensitivities.

That is bullshit.

Barack Obama: US ‘will not countenance’ Iranian nuclear weapon

US President Barack Obama said the United States “will not countenance” Iran developing a nuclear weapon but claimed there was still time for Tehran to come to the negotiating table.

President Obama, speaking at a news conference a day after meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said there was a window of opportunity to settle the dispute with Iran over its nuclear programme diplomatically.

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