Pakistan Rejects US Sanctions Threat, Will Expand Energy Ties With Iran

Speaking in a news conference today, Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Khar rejected US demands to end all energy ties with neighboring Iran, saying that the ties are in Pakistan’s national interest and will be expanded, particularly as it relates to the controversial gas pipeline.

The US has been pressuring Pakistan for years to abandon the deal, as US sanctions are aimed at limiting if not entirely cutting off Iranian energy production from the rest of the world. Khar insisted that the deal was too compelling for Pakistan to turn down. As for US threats of sanctions against Pakistan for participating in the pipeline, Khar insisted they would “cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton threatened sanctions against Pakistan if it went through with the deal.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Wednesday warned that Pakistan could face US sanctions if it pressed ahead with its proposed gas pipeline project with Iran.

Yesterday, NATO shelled Northern Waziristan, which borders on Pakistan.

At least six people, all of them civilian tribesmen, were reported “critically injured” today after NATO forces fired artillery shells against a village in Datta Khel, North Waziristan Agency. Four of the wounded were children. The attack sparked a panic among locals, as well as complaints that the Pakistani national government is unable to keep NATO from attacking the tribal areas. NATO has yet to comment on the strike.

This threat, combined with the bombing in Northern Waziristan on Pakistan’s border, is a not so subtle warning that should the pipeline be constructed, the US will bomb it to smithereens.

I would like to hope that Pakistani civilian and military leadership understand, unequivocally, that the US is already at war with Pakistan.

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