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“Soldiers and police officers must not abandon their own judgement, even if it means they sometimes have to disobey the ill conceived or mad orders of their political commanders.” — Sun Tsu

Video: Israeli security forces spray foul smelling liquid on a funeral procession in Hebron

Before the funeral procession arrived at the cemetery, it encountered border police and army forces. The family tried to talk to the border police officers who were at the scene so that they would allow the procession to reach the cemetery, but to no avail. A few minutes later, a security force vehicle sprayed a foul smelling liquid (“skunk”) on the demonstrators, who had remained on the street, and on the deceased’s body and the mourners.

WOW, the IDF had to be REALLY BUTCH to spray a corpse and mourners, just trying to get the guy buried!!

If Israel is, as it alleges, “the only true democracy in the Middle East”, then democracy in the Middle East is in VERY deep kim chee!


In a recent and highly controversial interview, Norman Finkelstein, long a scourge of Israel, turned his guns on Palestinians and their supporters. He accused the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement of being a “cult”, and claimed that its achievements were mostly exaggerated.

But what exercised Finkelstein most was his conclusion that if implemented, the demands of the 2005 Palestinian civil society call for BDS, would amount to “the destruction of Israel”.


Student groups at several targeted colleges said they stepped up to defend their classmates in the face of surveillance that tramples on the rights of all students.

“The idea of religious students from any religion being surveilled I think was offensive to the [Jewish] students,” said Rabbi Mike Uram, Hillel director at the University of Pennsylvania.*

The entire Arab Muslim world was framed for the terror attacks of September 11, 2001

Who is behind all of this anti-Arab, and anti-Muslim hysteria and fear-mongering that we have seen over the past few months with the fake controversy of the “Ground Zero mosque?” The same propagandists who gave us the official September 11, 2001 cover story, the anthrax attack coverup, the lies about Saddam’s imaginary weapons of mass distruction, and the current “Bomb Iran” coalition, that’s who!

Check out this video of American and Israeli Zionist Jews explaining the 9/11 terror attacks to the BBC on the day of the attacks. It’s a good thing that these “experts” had cleared their schedules and were on hand on September 11, 2001 to explain the terror attacks to America and the Western world before US intelligence and their counterparts had a chance to investigate the attacks.

Israel’s Chutzpah: Using a Black Icon to Sell Apartheid

Hucksters for Israel attempt to make up for in chutzpah what they lack in facts.

Ken O’Keefe : Is Israel an Apartheid State?


In February, Israeli Army, Settlers Carried Out 145 Attacks Against Palestine Civilians

Furthermore, Israeli settlers carried out dozens of attacks, uprooting and bulldozing 4931 Dunams (1218.47 Acres) of Palestinian farmlands; 1825 Dunams in Jaloud – Nablus, Nahhalin and Al-Jab’a in Bethlehem, Yousouf and Sarta in Salfit, in addition to Beit Ola and Al-Himma in Hebron and Tubas. 1383 Dunams were bulldozed and uprooted, and owners of 1723 Dunams were prevented from entering their lands after extremist settlers planted them and are attempting to take them over. 1169 trees were uprooted in Surif, Beit Ummar, Tormos Ayya, Aqraba and Michmas.

Politicians For Sale. Now World History And Geography For Sale

Bibi Netanyahu was recently in Switzerland and told the German magazine Die Zeit that Lebanon is no longer on his map.

The Presidential debates were too difficult for me to watch. All but one candidate was willing to rewrite the National Intelligence Estimate issued by America’s 16 intelligence agencies to declare Iran has a nuclear weapons program. This is in an effort to force the US to go to war yet again for Israel. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya were not enough. Next we must invade Syria and Iran but that means we also have to invade Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Pakistan. I wish Netanyahu would stop changing the maps of the world.

The U.S. Strategy to Control Middle Eastern Oil: “One of the Greatest Material Prizes in World History”

In the midst of World War II, Saudi Arabia secured a position of enormous significance to the rising world power, America.

With its oil reserves essentially untapped, the House of Saud became a strategic ally of immense importance, “a matter of national security, nourishing U.S. military might and enhancing the potentiality of postwar American hegemony.”

Saudi Arabia welcomed the American interest as it sought to distance itself from its former imperial master, Britain, which it viewed with suspicion as the British established Hashemite kingdoms in the Middle East – the old rivals of the Saudis – in Jordan and Iraq.[1]

Why Can’t Americans Have Democracy?

Paul Craig Roberts
Activist Post

Syria has a secular government as did Iraq prior to the american invasion. Secular governments are important in Arab lands in which there is division between Sunni and Shi’ite. Secular governments keep the divided population from murdering one another.

When the american invasion, a war crime under the Nuremberg standard set by the US after WWII, overthrew the Saddam Hussein secular government, the Iraqi Sunnis and Shi’ites went to war against one another. The civil war between Iraqis saved the american invasion…

BREAKING NEWS – 120 French troops captured in Syria

    French Ambassador recalled to Paris… up to 120 troops arrested in HOMS, Syria including French officers and troops..

Netanyahu: No Lebanon will be on the map

There was no fuss or screaming when Netanyahu actually told an interviewer that when Israel is done with them, there will be NO Lebanon on the new world map.

At a news conference in Switzerland, on the occasion of the building an Israeli railway there, the German newspaper Die Zeit interviewed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

“Congratulations Mr. Netanyahu, my first question is that does the beginning of the large train line’s construction confirm the announcement of the dissident Syrian Intelligence Office that you will strike Lebanon?”

In reply, Netanyahu stated:

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