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Politicians are ignoring single Australians at their peril. The last census showed 1 in 3 or 4 households had one occupant. Single persons have expenses too and despite mythology single persons are not rolling in money. Politicians love using the emotive term  ” family ” to try and convince you they stand for ” traditional ” values, whatever they might be. There was a time in the Military when married members were paid more than single members for doing the same job.

Rego rise to give ‘family cars’ reprieve

Robyn Ironside and Koren Helbig MOTORCYCLISTS, truck and ute drivers will pay more in registration fees to help fund an LNP promise to give the owners of “family vehicles” a reprieve from costly car rego


Media inquiry whistles for watchdog

Russell Robinson A TAXPAYER-funded body should regulate all of Australia’s news and current affairs across all media, an independent inquiry has urged.


Poll: Should a taxpayer-funded body regulate Australia’s media?

Putin defends stance on Syria

AP RUSSIAN Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has criticised the West for backing the Syrian opposition against the government.



Australian manufacturers take hit for the eurozone

By David Taylor

Australian manufacturers and the tourism industry are set to face further pain because of efforts to prop up Europe’s economy.

Surely there are psychological tests available which can be used at enlistment to root out the vile types we have seen on the Army facebook site from ever being accepted into the Military? Or is it a case of fiddling with the psych tests to allow undesirables to enlist to meet quotas? During my time in the Military I never ever experienced the type of behaviour we have seen by some over recent years .

We’re not all like that, Army boys say

Current and former Australian Defence Force members say the racist and sexist attitudes voiced by their colleagues on a private Facebook page are “ridiculous” and by no means widespread.

Newman refuses to answer more financial questions

By Siobhan Barry

Liberal National Party (LNP) leader Campbell Newman is still being dogged by questions about his re-election fund when he was Brisbane’s mayor.

Bowel cancer study shows early screening benefits

By Antonette Collins, staff

The latest phase of the National Bowel Cancer Screening program has found that almost 80 per cent of bowel cancers detected were removed in the early stages.


Defence editor for The Sun arrested

By Lisa Millar in London

Another journalist from The Sun in Britain has been arrested as part of the investigation into corrupt payments to police and public servants.

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