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Calling Canadians: No Stealth Fighters! Sign up to be heard on March 3rd

The pressure is mounting every day on Stephen Harper’s pro-war plan to waste more than 9 billion public dollars on U.S.-built F-35 stealth fighters.

These planes are designed to launch “shock and awe” bombing campaigns, just like President George W. Bush’s disastrous attack on Baghdad. Canada does not need these attack weapons.

The F-35 stealth fighter program is a complete fiasco. The planes are late, they perform poorly, and the cost is rising.

But while other countries wisely scale back their F-35 plans, Harper’s government goes ahead blindly with its multi-billion-dollar plan to buy 65 F-35 stealth fighters, even while the government threatens our social programs and pensions with cuts.

This is the time to say clearly to Stephen Harper, “No stealth fighters.”

Support HR 4094 stop agenda 21


go to to get your reps # Say you want a yes vote on HR 4094 and you want it passed out of committee as soon as possible. Help North Carolina and this also helps Ron Paul in North Carolina and he and Walter Jones are co-sponsored the last bill.

In support of liberty, Virginia Senate Passes “NDAA Nullification” Bill 1160

Tenth Amendment Center
February 28, 2012

Today, the Virginia Senate took a firm stand in support of liberty, the Constitution for the United States, and the Constitution of Virginia by voting in favor of House Bill 1160 (HB1160), the “NDAA Nullification Act.”

The final vote was 39-1.

What nasty surprises await our warmongers in the Gulf?

Stuart Littlewood looks at the tinderbox that is waiting to explode in the Persian Gulf as the USA and Britain contemplate doing Israel’s bidding and attacking Iran, and suggests that if Britain’s Israel flag wavers love Israel so much, then they should “don uniform and flak-jacket” and go play in the tinderbox themselves.

Are Zionists the Willing Victims Doing the Dirtywork for Orthodox Jewry

A secret priesthood has mapped it all out. Left many false trails, and remains anonymous, and yet can be seen everywhere. It is a cult, and it believes in the occult.


Interpol swoop nets 25 suspected #Anonymous hackers in four countries

Interpol has arrested 25 suspected members of the ‘Anonymous’ hackers group in a swoop covering more than a dozen cities in Europe and Latin America, the global police body said on Tuesday.

Britain on path of bankruptcy’


A prominent professor says UK’s economic and financial model is a failure amid Chancellor George Osborne’s announcement that the country has run out of money.

Shambles: ‘Syrian voters non-people for the West’ – Guardian


Syria has successfully held a referendum on a constitution, but been hit with new sanctions by the EU anyway. Neil Clark, a journalist and contributor to Britain’s Guardian newspaper talks to RT from London.

Guardian journalist: Great day for Democracy in Syria – but West doesn’t want democracy in Syria.

Pentagon knows China will be America’s greatest enemy starting in 2017′


The World Bank has a sobering forecast for the future of China’s economy. It’s produced a report saying without reform, the globe’s second biggest economy will suffer a major slowdown over the next 20 years. **5 mins in, comments on the Pentagon’s views.

Webster Tarpley on NATO Regime Change in Syria

Press TV has interviewed Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, an author and a historian, in New York who emphasizes that the violence and upheaval in Syria are not caused by indigenous rebellion and discusses reports that French and British forces are now training rebel Syrians.

Hypocrisy in Hollywood: Why Hollywood backed PIPA and SOPA

Hypocrisy in Hollywood: Why Hollywood backed PIPA and SOPA

A multi image explanation of the situation…

AP: Israel will strike Iran without warning US

Israeli officials say if they decide to launch a pre-emptive attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, they will do so without the prior consent or knowledge of the US

Evidence shows UK complicit in torture

New revelations show the British spy agency MI6 has been cooperating with its American peer, the CIA, in the torture and rendition of terror suspects around the world.

Survival Under Atomic Attack (1951)

The film of “duck and cover”. That means stick you head down bertween your legs and kiss you *&$ goodbye

President Obama and His Key Advisors are a Gang of War Criminals

If a bunch of street toughs decided to gang up and beat the crap out of some guy in the neighborhood because they feared he might be planning to buy a gun to protect his family, I think we’d all agree that the police would be right to bust that crew and charge them with conspiracy to commit the crime of assault and battery. If they went forward with their plan and actually did attack the guy, injuring or killing him in the process, we’d also all agree they should all be charged with assault and battery, attempted murder, or even first-degree murder if he died.

Four Horsemen trailer: “You don’t know what’s been done to you”

*hyperlinks and trailer live at source*

The documentary Four Horsemen follows the 2011 Academy Award-winning documentary Inside Job.

The purpose of both is to begin factually explaining what Occupy points to:

A “1%” oligarchy within economics, government, and media have transferred wealth from the 99% to themselves. This has been, and is today, massive criminal fraud costing the “99%” trillions of their dollars every year.
People who can document these crimes are doing so, AND public civic participation is required to build a brighter future for 100% of Earth’s inhabitants.

The Cloud That Rains Money

02/28/12 We live in a time when you can pick up a tiny computer, ask it a question out loud and have a satisfactory answer provided in a matter of seconds. It’s amazing if you stop to think about it.

Voice-recognizing digital personal assistants have become commonplace. One such assistant is among the most important new features unveiled in Apple’s latest smartphone. Called Siri, it recognizes natural language questions and accesses a plethora of web services to provide an answer. Android-based phone users (like yours truly), on the other hand, have enjoyed voice recognition to navigate, search or compose messages since summer of last year.

State Department jacks up passport fees, imposes $450 fee to renounce US citizenship

U.S. citizenship is priceless to some, worthless to others. But now the State Department has a dollar figure: U.S. citizenship is worth $450.

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