The FBI knows of a man who was caught entering the lab where the Anthrax used in the letters was kept, after he had been fired for a racially motivated attack on a co-worker. So, why is the FBI wasting its time with Steven Hatfill and Bruce Ivins?

Once again letters filled with suspicious powders are being mailed to celebrities and members of congress to try to scare up (emphasis on ‘scare’) support for yet another war of conquest in which your children will be blown to bloody bits attacking yet another of Israel’s enemies (the problem being that Israel makes enemies faster than you can breed more children).

We have seen this hoax before. And the sequel is no more entertaining that the original.


Okay, by now you have probably gotten the point. The Anthrax letters came from inside the United States. The letters contained a specific type of weaponized Anthrax made by a United States military lab which had been claiming for a lot of years that it wasn’t doing that sort of thing any more.

“What? Oh, you mean THAT Anthrax over there! Sheesh, we thought you said ‘Pamflax’ and shuckies but we quit making that stuff a long time ago. Honest. Really. If we’re lying may God strike us… a glancing blow.”


Relinked as it appears that, ho humm, the US and Israel are once again sending around letters filled with … something, and once again, ho hum, framing the intended target of invasion for it. This is not only insulting it is boring. But when you have a government made up of people who have to flunk an IQ test to get hired, this is the quality of work product you get.

Pentagon Says U.S. Citizens With Terrorism Ties Can Be Targeted in Strikes

The Obama administration’s top Pentagon lawyer on Wednesday said that American citizens who join Al Qaeda can be targeted for killing and that courts should have no role in reviewing executive branch decisions about whether someone has met such criteria.

“Belligerents who also happen to be U.S. citizens do not enjoy immunity where non-citizen belligerents are valid military objectives,” said Jeh C. Johnson, the Defense Department general counsel, in a speech at Yale Law School.

It is apparent in these remarks by this administration’s top attorney for the Pentagon that the Constitution and Bill of rights have ceased to exist, under Obama’s watch.

And the mother of all ironies here is that Obama used to lecture in Constitutional law!!

I absolutely do not condone violence in any way shape or form. I want absolutely nothing bad to happen to this country, any of its military, or any of its civilian leadership.

My heroes (and one heroine) of the 2oth century are Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Mother Theresa. The first two I respect for their embrace of non-violence, and the last, because she worked diligently and tirelessly to ease the suffering of all she encountered.

That being said, however, I have many calmly and logically stated disagreements with the foreign and domestic policies of this administration, as I had with the former administration.

And I have to wonder; at what point to these disagreements turn me into a “belligerent”?!? At what point, looking at the language of the NDAA, authorizing the military to arrest and imprison people indefinitely under the President’s command without due process, do I become an “enemy”, for calmly, and rationally, speaking the truth as I see it?

We used to be a country which had a wonderful system of laws, and something we used to call “due process”, where any person standing accused of a crime had the right to a trial by jury of their peers, and to be convicted or acquitted based on the evidence presented by the defense and prosecution: based upon Mr. Johnson’s statements here, we are no longer that country, apparently.

A terrorism tie.

Intel Exclusive: Trillion Dollar Terror Exposed

Bush, Fed, Europe Banks in $15 Trillion Fraud, All Documented

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Below is one of the strangest stories in financial history, one involving the US government lying about hundreds of thousands of tons of imaginary gold, illegal wire transfers and loans totalling $15 trillion. The video, from the House of Lords, is amazing in itself.

What it doesn’t express is where the money came from though Lord James of Blackheath proves conclusively that an effort was made to say it came from a gold reserve in Brunei that, in fact, never existed.

Air Marshal Whistleblowers Reveal a Federal Aviation Culture of Discrimination, Abuse, and Incompetence

Joe Wright
Activist Post

Two training supervisors, Tom Feeney and Matt Ryan, have been exposed by 5 current and former air marshals as having created a discriminatory board game that was particularly disparaging of gays, lesbians, African-Americans, and veterans.

The whistleblowers say that the board game is actually a reflection of a system-wide attitude by Federal Air Marshal management that should make fellow workers concerned, as well as the flying public…

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