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U.S. Pakistan relations pass point of no return

Tens of thousands of Pakistanis protest continued assassinations and airstrikes on Pakistan soil that have left thousands of innocent bystanders dead.

Is Germany Secretly Maneuvering To Kick Greece Out Of The Euro?

Michael Snyder, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

What in the world is going on in Europe? Each day things just seem to get stranger and stranger. We are being told that a “deal” for a second Greek bailout has been reached and that Greece will not default in March.

But behind the scenes it seems clear that many politicians in Germany (and in the other northern European countries as well) would like to kick Greece out of the euro…

The 2013 US budget: “difficult cuts” for Americans, gravy for Israel

Josh Ruebner argues that while the Obama administration is making budget cuts that are impoverishing and threatening the health and wellbeing of Americans, it is simultaneously increasing the US taxpayers’ subsidy to the Israeli war machine, helping it retain and colonize illegally-occupied Palestinian territories and commit grievous violations of Palestinian human rights – all contrary to US foreign policy objectives.

Reality and the Senate Intelligence Committee

Lawrence Davidson argues that by failing to participate in national politics, citizens abdicate their potential influence to those who do act politically and that these could be “thugs in suits” with hidden agendas and judgments that are skewed by interest lobbies that hold the purse strings to their political careers.

Why are the British Always Rioting?

A Short History of the British Rioting


Is a Popular Video Game Forecasting War with Iran?

With an ever-increasing likelihood of an air war with Iran, is it possible that a popular video game promoting a ground invasion of the Iranian capital may be subconsciously preparing the American public for this very scenario to occur in reality?


IEA: China buys more oil from Iran

The International Energy Agency (IEA) says China has bought an additional 200,000 barrels per day of Iran’s oil in recent months.

Obama Fights to Keep Unconstitutional Warrantless Wiretapping Powers

So much for change. The Obama administration is continuing their efforts to go back on every single campaign promise and beyond all odds make themselves look even worse than the administration of George W. Bush.

Personally, I didn’t think such a thing was possible but with the extrajudicial killing of Americans, refusal to explain why they think they can engage in such activities (multiple times, no less), the passing the radically un-American National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA), and so much more, Obama is doing a great job at proving me wrong.

Now to continue this trend, Barack Obama has instructed the Justice Department to defend the warrantless wiretapping policy first introduced under George W. Bush.

Turkey, China help Iran evade sanctions: Report

A London-based newspaper claims Turkey and China are helping Iran to evade UN sanctions by providing Tehran with banking facilities to purchase necessary commodities through indirect means.

The Crazy Rush to Attack Iran

How can it be, less than a decade after the U.S. invaded Iraq, that the Iran debate is breaking down along largely the same lines, and the people who were manifestly, painfully wrong about that war are driving the debate this time as well?

Netanyahu to Meet Harper Before Obama

Netanyahu is set to meet US President Barack Obama on March 5 where the two leaders are expected to discuss the “full range of security issues of mutual concern.”

Iran’s nuclear program, the deteriorating situation in Syria, and the Islamic rise to power in northern Africa – especially Egypt – are widely believed to top the agenda.

Of key concern are tensions between Jerusalem and Washington over how to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. The Obama administration insists sanctions will succeed, while Netanyahu last week said sanctions are “not working.”

His statement was echoed by a senior US intelligence official who told US lawmakers that Iran was “nowhere near” giving up its nuclear weapons program.

Great: maybe Harper can pay those billions of dollars the US government has been giving to Israel for years, and make it the Canadian Taxpayers’ problem!! :-) Stephen Harper, you have no idea what a load that would take off the US Federal Governments’ shoulders, and – hey, I am thanking you in advance!

But seriously, how can Iran “stop doing” something which it is not doing in the first place?!?

Therefore, Iran cannot “stop” a nuclear weapons program it doesn’t have, and that, to date, no IAEA inspector has been able to confirm exists.

Israel may well be able to start a pre-emptive military attack against Iran, but it will most likely be the US military which will have to clean up the mess, if there is one tiny, strategic flaw in Israeli military tactics, and their blitzkrieg doesn’t go as successfully planned.

Netanyahu is clearly aware that this is an election year here in the US, and if the US involvement in such an attack doesn’t result in overwhelming success, Obama will be seen as a weak president, with very little chance of winning a second term. Perhaps this is precisely what he wants; a botched American operation in Iran with which to clobber Obama, and to bring in a Republican president who would be far more Israel-centric in their foreign policy.

Please understand: I am absolutely no fan of President Obama, and have made that abundantly clear in a number of articles I have posted to this site, logically critical of his policies: but right now, save for Ron Paul, the GOP candidates are collectively scaring the crud out of me!!!

Agenda 21 Forum for the Future Fully Exposed: Post Industrial World Order

Agenda 21 has been broken up and repackaged as three new organizations:

America 2050, Forum for the Future, and the Rewilding Project. The re-branding of Agenda 21 also allows the globalists to advance another older concepts that has been in the works for a long time, mainly The North American Union.

Through these three organizations, the globalists have implemented and started executing a strategy that will bring about an Orwellian state where all 50 states are merged into mega regions and where people are rationed food, water, and energy. Get ready… get set….


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