Pat Buchanan: 300 nukes in Israel yet Iran a threat?

Today, running a budget deficit of 10 per cent of its GDP, America simply cannot afford to continue “to carry this enormous burden, defending 40 or 50 countries around the world,” Buchanan says, “We have to bring troops home.” Getting rid of these bases essentially means dismantling the American Empire to help the US survive beyond 2025. America’s crusade under the banner of ending tyranny in the world is “utterly utopian”.

Israel student society attacks peaceful Palestine protest with water bombs at London School of Economics

Sounded more like chimpanzees screeching than students!

Palestinian prisoner ends 66-day hunger strike after Israel guarantees his release

Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan announced Tuesday that he will be ending his 66-day hunger strike after Israel agreed to release him.

The Islamic Jihad operative, who has been fighting a provision that allows Israel to hold detainees for months or even years without trial or formal charges, reached an agreement with the state prosecution less than an hour before his case was discussed at the Supreme Court.


Israel has launched a week long ’celebration of hate’ to glorify their Apartheid system…
Our answer to them…
When someone calls your support for Palestinians as “hate speech”, show them this video…

Does AIPAC Want War? Lieberman “Capability” Red Line May Tip AIPAC’s Hand

For all it has done to promote confrontation between the United States and Iran, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee has worked to avoid the public perception that AIPAC is openly promoting war. In AIPAC’s public documents, the emphasis has always been on tougher sanctions. (If you make sanctions “tough” enough – an effective embargo – that is an act of war, but it is still at one remove from saying that the U.S. should start bombing.)

I seem to remember, in some old document which used to have relevance to the conduct of the Federal Government’s business (the Constitution of the United States of America, I believe) that only Congress has the right to declare war; not some unregistered agents of a foreign government.

But if AIPAC members want to shill for this war, I have a grand idea: they, and their kids of appropriate military age, should immediately enlist in the US military, insisting that they be as close to the center of conflict against Iran as humanly possible.

WHAT, NO TAKERS?!? Think how much fun you’ll have, dodging Russian, Pakistani, and Chinese nuclear missiles! All three countries’ leadership has declared, very publicly, that if Iran gets attacked, they will support it militarily: won’t that be such fun?!?!?

But of course, for most AIPAC members, it should always be other Americans’ kids who should die or get maimed for life, and their lives sacrificed, upon the altar of ultimate Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.

Israel to US: Talk of Avoiding War Helps Iran

Specifically, Netanyahu and Barak expressed resentment over an interview given by Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff, to CNN. In it, Dempsey said ”I don’t think a wise thing at this moment is for Israel to launch a military attack on Iran,” and a strike “would be destabilizing” and “not prudent.” He also said that U.S. efforts to dissuade Israel from attacking Iran have failed.

The Israeli condemnation of the rather sober comments from Dempsey came dangerously close to equating public nonconformity with Israeli policy traitorous.

Apparently, Israeli leadership is offended that they do not control what is left of free speech in the US when a comment is made publicly by a very thoroughly war-experienced Joint Chiefs of Staff Dempsey.

And Dempsey is in a position to know what the unintended consequences of such an Israeli attack against Iran may well be, and the degree to which the US military will be dragged in to mop up the mess which the Israeli military can start, but probably not finish by itself.

Pakistani, Chinese, and Russian leadership have gone on record as stating, very clearly, that should Iran be attacked, that all 3 nuclear-armed countries would go to Iran’s aid.

So the bottom line is, what we have here is the potential for a global, thermonuclear war against an alleged Iranian weapons program no one from the IAEA can prove exists.

And if this sounds as insane to you as it does to me, that’s because it is.

Unfortunately, however, logic never trumps hubristic illogic, either at an individual, or national, level.

And what we have going on right now with Israeli civilian and military leadership is one whole, heck of a lot of hubristic thinking.

And one more thing for Israeli leadership to consider: Americans are sick, tired, and angry at the cost in American blood and American money Israel consistently demands be sacrificed upon the altar of potential Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. WE HAVE HAD IT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

Deal reached to end Khader Adnan’s detention by 17 April, but no confirmation hunger strike has ended

Lawyers for Khader Adnan have reached a deal with Israel for Adnan to be released on 17 April, Addameer announced today via Twitter. There’s still no confirmation, despite some media reports, that Adnan has agreed to end his hunger strike, but Addameer said the deal appears to meet minimum conditions Adnan had previously communicated to lawyers.

Adnan has been on hunger strike for 66 days against his “administrative detention” by Israel without charge or trial. Addameer is a Palestinian prisoners rights group whose lawyers have been closely following Adnan’s case.

Indefinite detention without charge is a serious violation of basic human rights.

It is possible that the Israeli government blinked on this, because of the huge focus this case had garnered, both on its own merits, and as a glaring example of how the alleged “only democracy in the Middle East” treats Palestinian prisoners.

However, unfortunately, there is absolutely no guarantee that Adnan will survive through the 17th of April, even if he ends his hunger strike.

Arab League condemns Netanyahu”s wish of “death to all Arabs” remarks

The Arab League Monday condemned a phrase posted in Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s facebook page in which he wished death to all Arabs, following a school bus accident that killed 10 children and injured 40 others.

And I note that ABCNNBBCBS are not making anywhere near the issue of Netanyahu’s confirmed comment that they did with the botched translation that claimed Ahmadinejad wanted to wipe Israel off of the map!

Purim 2012 Red Alert: Fun For Netanyahu Might Not Be Good For You

Purim begins in the evening of Wednesday, March 7, 2012, and ends in the evening of Thursday, March 8, 2012. What troubles even casual observers of Zionism in action is that Purim 2012 is sandwiched between two potentially catastrophic events for those opposed to World War III. Benjamin Netanyahu will confer with President Obama at the White House on March 5th to discuss an attack on Iran. On March 8th the FBI plan to shutdown and scrub 4 million computers for an alleged DNS virus. It is possible that the false flag could be a cyber attack on the Internet launched by Anonymous to justify a permanent shutdown of the most effective means of resisting both Zionism and the plundering of the economy by the bankers.

Jewish extremists graffiti “Death to Christianity” on Jerusalem church

Suspected Jewish extremists scrawled “Death to Christianity” on a Jerusalem church on Monday in the latest hate crime targeting Palestinians, police said.

The words “Price Tag,” a slogan used by ultranationalist Jewish settlers, were also scrawled on the walls of the Baptist Narkis Street Congregation in a quiet residential neighborhood in Jewish west Jerusalem.

(The dutch MSM article also reports the slogan: “we will crucify you”…)

To start WW3, Iran will be framed when US/Israel blow up …

New! Learn what changes Marion Wiesel made to Night

In 2006, Marion Wiesel created an all-new translation of her husband Elie’s book Night. In it, she changed dates, ages and number of days of traveling so that they would conform to the known facts about the Hungarian deportations to Auschwitz and Elie Wiesel’s personal data. This is one of the most significant articles by Carolyn Yeager ever posted at Elie Wiesel Cons The World. If you want to understand the latest unraveling of the Elie Wiesel legend, you have to read this!

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