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UN Vote Seen as Stepping Stone Toward Military Intervention in Syria

The support by the United Nations General Assembly for the Arab League call for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down on “humanitarian” grounds brings military intervention one step closer. The 137-12 vote, with 17 abstentions, is non-binding, but it gives a UN imprimatur to the Arab League proposal for regime-change that was blocked on the Security Council by Russia

America, Persia, And Israel Are Being Sacrificed For A One World Order

“If the Washington/Tel Aviv-promoted hysteria is already at fever pitch, wait for March 20, when the Iranian oil bourse will start trading oil in other currencies apart from the US dollar, heralding the arrival of a new oil marker to be denominated in euro, yen, yuan, rupee or a basket of currencies.

That would suit Asian clients – from BRICS members India and China to US allies Japan and South Korea, not to mention NATO member Turkey. But that would also suit European clients, to pay for oil in their own currency. Tehran – as well as many key players in the developing world – does want to sink the petrodollar. That may be the straw to break the American camel’s back.” – Pepe Escobar, “US wants SWIFT war on Iran,” February 17, 2012.


Catapulted into the Israeli military justice system, an arm of Israel’s 44-year-old occupation of the West Bank, Islam became embroiled in a legal process as challenging and perplexing as the world in which he has grown up. The young man was interrogated and pressed to inform on his relatives, neighbors and friends.

and China.

Rather than direct involvement, numerous political figures, newspapers and policy bodies are advocating arming the opposition Free Syrian Army as a preparatory step towards declaring “buffer zones” and “humanitarian corridors.” This would necessitate NATO bombing, fronted by one or more local proxies led by Turkey and the Gulf states.

When Western military intervention begins, Iran is treaty-bound to assist the Assad government, due to a mutual defense pact, signed some years ago.

That, of course, will give the US and Israel the “causus belli” for declaring war against Iran.

IDF uncovers Iranian-made explosive device in Gaza

Engineering Corps officers have spent the past few weeks studying a powerful explosive device placed alongside other charges near the border fence and meant to target an IDF force. The explosives were successfully dismantled.

The device was found to contain unmistakable Iranian trademarks similar to previously intercepted weapons with Revolutionary Guards stamps on them which had made their way to the Gaza Strip.

Note that absolutely no individual in the IDF is sourced on this.

Let’s exercise a little logic here.

IF the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was going to smuggle explosives into Gaza, why would they be stamped as having been made by the Revolutionary Guard, when these people understand what the consequences of the capture of such weapons would be?!?

The short answer is, they wouldn’t!

But this is precisely the kind of bovine excrement which can come back to haunt the perpetrator of such an absurd accusation, and that is why no one at the IDF wants to take responsibility for having stated this to YNET NEWS.

Palestine: a story that needs retelling

Paul J. Balles retells the story of Palestine, reminding us in brief and simple terms of the the basic, undeniable facts of the world’s worst, most obdurate and premeditated injustice.

Syrian rebels gun down legal officials

DAMASCUS, Syria, Feb. 19 (UPI) — Syrian anti-government rebels staged three assassinations Sunday, killing two legal officials and an aide, state media reported.

The state-run Syrian Arab News Agency said the attorney general of the province of Idlab, a judge and a driver were killed by gunfire in their car on their way to work.

Iran warships enter Mediterranean as tensions with Israel grow

Iran sent two of its warships into the Mediterranean on Saturday as tensions with Israel worsened and a senior American official arrived in Tel Aviv.

State television presenters in Tehran were triumphant after Iranian ships passed through the Suez Canal for only the second time since the Islamic revolution in 1979.

Reports said they had docked in Tartus, the main port for Iran’s embattled ally regime Syria which has been convulsed by an uprising for almost a year.

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