America, Persia, And Israel Are Being Sacrificed For A One World Order

“If the Washington/Tel Aviv-promoted hysteria is already at fever pitch, wait for March 20, when the Iranian oil bourse will start trading oil in other currencies apart from the US dollar, heralding the arrival of a new oil marker to be denominated in euro, yen, yuan, rupee or a basket of currencies.

That would suit Asian clients – from BRICS members India and China to US allies Japan and South Korea, not to mention NATO member Turkey. But that would also suit European clients, to pay for oil in their own currency. Tehran – as well as many key players in the developing world – does want to sink the petrodollar. That may be the straw to break the American camel’s back.” – Pepe Escobar, “US wants SWIFT war on Iran,” February 17, 2012.

IDF uncovers Iranian-made explosive device in Gaza

Engineering Corps officers have spent the past few weeks studying a powerful explosive device placed alongside other charges near the border fence and meant to target an IDF force. The explosives were successfully dismantled.

The device was found to contain unmistakable Iranian trademarks similar to previously intercepted weapons with Revolutionary Guards stamps on them which had made their way to the Gaza Strip.

Note that absolutely no individual in the IDF is sourced on this.

Let’s exercise a little logic here.

IF the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was going to smuggle explosives into Gaza, why would they be stamped as having been made by the Revolutionary Guard, when these people understand what the consequences of the capture of such weapons would be?!?

The short answer is, they wouldn’t!

But this is precisely the kind of bovine excrement which can come back to haunt the perpetrator of such an absurd accusation, and that is why no one at the IDF wants to take responsibility for having stated this to YNET NEWS.

U.S. officials fear sanctions on Iran will fail as fears grow over military action and imminent attack on U.S. soil

The White House wants to see sanctions work,’ an official told the British newspaper. ‘This is not the Bush White House. It does not need another conflict.

Its problem is that the guys in Tehran are behaving like sanctions don’t matter, like their economy isn’t collapsing, like Israel isn’t going to do anything.

‘Sanctions are all we’ve got to throw at the problem. If they fail then it’s hard to see how we don’t move to the ‘in extremis’ option.’

It comes amid reports that the government is worried that Iran will consider a terror attack on American soil, but it has no specific or credible threat about such a plot.

OK, folks: here’s just a little dash of cold logic on this rapidly escalating foolishness.

The Iranian leadership may be many things, but stupid isn’t one of them.

So then, why in the name of heaven would they do something as completely, abysmally stupid as to mount a terror attack on US soil, when they are absolutely clear about what the consequence of such an attack would be?!?

The short answer is, they wouldn’t! Iran has not generated a single military assault in over 200 years, and definitely not since becoming an Islamic Republic in 1979.

So the bottom line, here, is that any attack against any US and/or Israeli asset which might happen will be a false flag attack, generated to create fury against Iran, and become the causus belli for going to war against it.

US/Senate Declares War on Iran


Banking’s SWIFT ready to stop Iran transactions

Belgium-based SWIFT, which provides banks with a system for moving funds around the world, bowed to international pressure on Friday and said it was ready to block Iranian banks from using its network to transfer money further isolating Iran’s economy on the global stage.

Expelling Iranian banks from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication would shut down Tehran’s main avenue to doing business with the rest of the world – an outcome the West believes is crucial to curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

1. Iran is using nuclear technology for energy, not a weapons program.

2. Because China, India, and other countries are continuing to buy Iranian oil, this expulsion from SWIFT will be nothing more than a temporary annoyance, to be remedied by other means and measures.

Israeli Strike On Iran ‘Not Prudent,’ Gen. Martin Dempsey Says

A military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities is “not prudent” at the present moment, America’s top military official, Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, told “CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS” in an interview set to air Sunday morning.

“It’s not prudent at this point to decide to attack Iran,” said Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in the interview.

“I think it would be premature to exclusively decide that the time for a military option was upon us,” Dempsey added, according to early reports of the interview, noting that he sensed that increased sanctions were beginning to have an effect.

General Dempsey is completely logical in his assessment.

Unfortunately, however, there are those in the bowels of power in DC and Tel Aviv who have a very different agenda other than that driven by logic.

For the Israeli leadership, such an attack needs to happen soon to prevent the perception in the US that Israel is playing election politics with the timing of such an attack (an “October Surprise” of this nature will not be well received here, so close to the US election cycle.)

And for those in the bowels of power in DC, such an attack needs to come before Greece defaults (which will most likely happen next month), bringing down the Euro and the American banking system with it, in order to have something to blame for the lousy state of the US economy after these events happen, rather than catastrophically bad decision-making emanating from Washington.

But I would strongly caution the leadership in both Tel Aviv and Washington to be very careful what they wish for.

Both Chinese and Russian leadership have made very public statements indicating that any attack against Iran will be met with China and Russia’s military aid to Iran.

So what we have here is the potential for a thermonuclear, global war over an alleged Iranian weapons program which cannot be proven, to date, to exist.

I would like to hope that both Israeli and US leadership clearly understand the potential for horrendous unintended consequences should such an attack against Iran happen, no matter which country starts it.

Iran stops oil exports to British companies as Hague warns Israel an attack ‘would not be wise’

Iran has stopped selling crude oil to British and French companies as William Hague warned Israel today that military action against the country would not be ‘a wise thing’.

Israel, not Iran, has more to gain from blast

Bad journalism was on display as Indian news channels scrambled to beat each other in covering the alleged attack on an Israeli diplomat’s wife in New Delhi. Israel predictably hit the ground running, insisting that Iran was responsible for the alleged attack in which the woman was travelling even before the flames had been doused. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set the political ball rolling as he declared within minutes of the incident that Iran had launched a terror attack on Israel.

Predictable, because Israel seems to be on a one-point mission to isolate Iran so that it can attack the country for a variety of trumped up reasons.

William Hague warns Israel over Iran military action

Amid rumours the Israeli government is considering strikes against Iran within months, Mr Hague insisted economic sanctions and negotiations had to be given “a real chance” to convince Tehran to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

In an interview with BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show, the Foreign Secretary repeated his warning that a nuclear-armed Iran would result in another cold war in the Middle East.

Netanyahu meets top US advisor amid Iran tension

Once again young Americans will die in a war for Israel. Obama is going along with this sacrifice of our kids both because of his dependency on Israel’s support in the November election and also because absent a major global war, the American people will blame the Federal Government when Europe’s expected fracturing drags the US economy down with it, all victims of Wall Street’s mortgage-backed securities fraud.

U.S. official: Signs pointing to increasing likelihood of Israeli strike on Iran

Guess who gets to finish it!

As U.S. National Security Adviser Tom Donilon arrived in Saturday night to discuss the Iranian nuclear issue with top Israeli officials, a U.S. official has told Haaretz that all the messages from Israel in recent months pointed to the likelihood of an Israeli strike on Iran.

Iran cuts oil exports to British, French firms

Iran’s Oil Ministry announces it has cut oil exports to British and French firms in line with the decision to end crude exports to six European states.

Obama sends top security aide to Israel as tension builds over nuclear Iran – The Telegraph

A senior US security official arrived in Israel on Saturday as international tension over Iran’s nuclear development reached an all-time high.

In recent weeks, Israeli government officials have remained resolutely tight-lipped on their position on the Iranian threat but a string of high-ranking US officials have expressed the belief that Israel is preparing to act, with or without American support.

In an interview with the New York Times late last year, Ehud Barak, Israel’s minister of defence, suggested that an Israeli strike on Iran is all but inevitable.

William Hague warns Israel over Iran military action – The Telegraph

Foreign Secretary William Hague warned Israel today that military action against Iran would not be “a wise thing”.

Amid rumours the Israeli government is considering strikes against Iran within months, Mr Hague insisted economic sanctions and negotiations had to be given “a real chance” to convince Tehran to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

In an interview with BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show, the Foreign Secretary repeated his warning that a nuclear-armed Iran would result in another cold war in the Middle East.

“They would either be attacked and there would be a war, or there would be a cold war in which Iran for the long term would be subject to these very intense economic sanctions and they would find that other nations in their region developed nuclear weapons,” he said.

Zionist controlled media is LYING to you about Iran


Iran warships enter Mediterranean as tensions with Israel grow

Iran sent two of its warships into the Mediterranean on Saturday as tensions with Israel worsened and a senior American official arrived in Tel Aviv.

State television presenters in Tehran were triumphant after Iranian ships passed through the Suez Canal for only the second time since the Islamic revolution in 1979.

Reports said they had docked in Tartus, the main port for Iran’s embattled ally regime Syria which has been convulsed by an uprising for almost a year.



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