Terror Suspect Arrested Near Capitol

Federal agents on Friday arrested a man who they allege planned carry out a suicide bombing at the U.S. Capitol, part of a sting operation in which undercover agents posing as al Qaeda operatives provided fake explosives.

Basically, there would be no terror attack if the FBI wasn’t setting these losers up, giving them fake bombs and lots of money to deliver them!

The word “entrapment” comes to mind, but of course this isn’t about stopping terror but about creating news to support the war agenda.

“Fool me once … ummmmmmmmm.” — George W. Bush

The official false-flag of the day!

The FBI has confirmed the arrest Friday of a man suspected of plotting a suicide attack against the U.S. Capitol, which was first reported by Fox News. The unidentified man was arrested after a lengthy undercover FBI terrorism investigation, the Justice Department said.

Meaning they found some loser, gave him cash and a fake bomb, then arrest him for the headlines.

FBI Sets Up Another Patsy This Time In Fake US Capital Bomb Plot

The FBI has a long history of creating terrorists and then subsequently arresting them as if they just stopped a potential terror attack. This fact was heavily documented by Judge Andrew Napolitano on his now canceled Fox News show, Freedomwatch.

The FBI essentially finds a mentally ill person, leads him along as if he is a part of al Qaeda, provides him with fake (sometimes real) explosives and then arrests him as a real terrorist.

Today the internet is on fire with reports that the FBI has arrested a terrorist as he was attempting to detonate what he thought were real explosives at the US Capital.

Continued Victimization of the Victim!

It’s not bad enough that the government falsely accused my husband of hiring someone to kill me.

It’s not bad enough in doing so the government constantly told one lie after another about my husband, about me and anything else that would assist them in wrongly convicting my husband.

It’s not bad enough that the FBI destroyed part of our home during their warrant search.

It’s not bad enough they knowingly allowed a bomb to be on my car for days.

It’s not bad enough that after I discovered the bomb and before they had a suspect, they told me they would not provide me protection.

Israel Links Bangkok Bombing to Blasts in India, Georgia

Iran is rejecting accusations by Israel that it is behind Tuesday’s bomb blasts in the Thai capital of Bangkok and car bombing attacks against Israeli diplomatic targets in India and Georgia.

Itzhak Shoham, the Israeli ambassador to Thailand, says the explosives used in the Bangkok blasts were identical to those used in New Delhi and Tbilisi on Monday.

But a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry in Tehran accused Israel of attempting to harm the “friendly and historic” relations between Tehran and Bangkok.

Memo to the Israeli hasbara: these attacks have Mossad’s fingerprints all over them, and thinking people understand that Iranian leadership is doing its level best not to provoke any kind of a dust-up with either the US or Israel right now.

Whose terror attacks: Iran’s or Israel’s?

The copy read: “As investigators unearthed new evidence implicating Iran in the attacks this week in Thailand, India and Georgia, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran announced Wednesday what he said was his country’s latest nuclear advance, and Iran’s Oil Ministry threatened to preempt a European oil embargo by cutting off sales to six countries there.”

US supplying Al-Queda weapons to fight Assad in Syria…

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