Shit Zionists Say (We asked some people “Say something a Zionist has said to you”.)


Israel’s Herds Hunger For War With Persia

The Jews and modern day Romans in Washington want to wage war against Persia.

Why are these fools and maniacs so obsessed about Iran? Iran is not an aggressive or belligerent nation. Iran is not anti-Jewish or anti-American. As Washington’s Blog writes, “Depsite the Hysteria, Experts Say that Iran Poses Very Little Threat to the West or Israel.”

Lt. Gen. Ronald Burgess, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, told Congress on Thursday that, “Iran is unlikely to initiate or intentionally provoke a conflict.” That is from the horse’s mouth, not a fringe conspiracy theorist.


Netanyahu expressed sorrow over the accident, but his aides did not remove the racist comments from his Facebook page or denounce them.



Israel Links Bangkok Bombing to Blasts in India, Georgia

Iran is rejecting accusations by Israel that it is behind Tuesday’s bomb blasts in the Thai capital of Bangkok and car bombing attacks against Israeli diplomatic targets in India and Georgia.

Itzhak Shoham, the Israeli ambassador to Thailand, says the explosives used in the Bangkok blasts were identical to those used in New Delhi and Tbilisi on Monday.

But a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry in Tehran accused Israel of attempting to harm the “friendly and historic” relations between Tehran and Bangkok.

Memo to the Israeli hasbara: these attacks have Mossad’s fingerprints all over them, and thinking people understand that Iranian leadership is doing its level best not to provoke any kind of a dust-up with either the US or Israel right now.

Marking their territory?

Jewish Service in Goebbels’ House

Just after the German surrender.

Does Education Fuel Anti-Semitism?

A new study on anti-Semitism, commissioned by the German Parliament, came to the distressing, widely publicized conclusion that 20% of Germans are “latent” anti-Semites. But buried deep in the report is an assertion that might be even more troubling: Holocaust education is inadvertently fueling German anti-Semitism, making it worse.

Probably because being ordered to accept responsibility and PAY $$$$$$$$$ for events that happened before one was born is going to piss off people. I expect the Germans are as sick of being soaked in WW2 lore as Americans are. Can we all agree to live in the present 21st Century and send those who still living in the 1940s to the Happy Acres Home for Morons Hopelessly Trapped In The Past? We have crimes against humanity taking place here and now that we should be dealing with.

The Money and the Power: Israel’s Gambling on US Presidential Elections

Some things don’t change in American politics, and rich people sitting in Las Vegas with pots of cash is one of them. Joel McCleary, a friend, remembers fund-raising in Las Vegas when he was working for the Jimmy Carter campaign in 1976. The crucial Pennsylvania primary was coming up and the Carter people (their chief fundraiser was Morris Dees) needed a big wad of cash for the final push against Henry “Scoop” Jackson of Washington, known as “the senator from Boeing,” also running for the Democratic nomination and favored by powerful labor chieftains in Pennsylvania.

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