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Greek cabinet approves bailout deal

But will the Greek people agree? My prediction is they will not.



Iran sent pink drone to Obama

“We wanted for Mr. Obama himself to have these toys and know that Iranians don’t leave anyone’s requests unanswered. We made the ‘RQ’ in pink as it is Mr. Obama’s favorite color and we will send it to him via the Swiss embassy,” said Seyyed Saeed Hassan-pour, head of the cultural department of the Aaye Company, to Reuters.

The day of arrival was set for February 1, but no official word of Obama getting the toy has been confirmed.

To Police and Military: Beware of Joining the Dark Side

To all of those people in the Military and in Law Enforcement who thinks the NDAA is a good idea. Better learn from History or you will be doomed to repeat dying at the hand of the tyrants they serve.

U.S. Arms Being Smuggled To Syria As Special Forces Direct Rebel Attacks

Reports reveal that British special forces are directing rebel attacks in Syria utilizing U.S. arms being smuggled through Turkey and Lebanon following wave of rebel bombings

Firefighters vs Cops: Striking fire officers soak PM office in Brussels – Full Credit to Uppity Serf for this find :)

Full Credit to Uppity Serf for finding this…

The faces of the police as they’re drenched by hoses are unmissable!! They’re cold, frozen, drenched and thoroughly fed up.

You’ve just got to laugh. :)

Richard Gage to Appear in Portland, Oregon

Engineers for 9/11 Truth, will be returning to Portland . Gage will be delivering the evidence for explosive demolition in the compelling dynamic multi-media presentation “9/11: Blueprint for Truth – Re-Examining the Destruction of the Three World Trade Center Skyscrapers.” The presentation will take place at the Moreland Theater in southeast Portland at 2 pm on Sunday, February 19.

Washington State Supreme Court – Okay for candidates to lie.

Government has no business trying to stop political candidates from deliberately lying about each other in campaign ads, a divided state Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

But if you lie to the candidates, it’s your ASS!


We need a “No Shit, Sherlock” category. ; )

Hollywood finds one more way to shove Nazis up our … noses!

I … must … not … puke …

Debt Slavery: 30 Facts About Debt In America That Will Blow Your Mind

When most people think about America’s debt problem, they think of the debt of the federal government. But that is only part of the story.

Way out for Israel

Way out for Israel
This is in response to Seif A. Somalya’s letter, “Way out for Iran,” published on Feb. 4. It is amazing to read the wishful list of tasks outlined as the way out for Iran.

As per the writer, this proposed solution will not only avert the brewing conflict between West and Iran but also bring peace and prosperity to the entire region.

Now to the solution as proposed by Seif: Iran shall recognize Israel within the secured boundaries of pre-1967 war and shall also unequivocally accept the two-state solution. May we know whether Israel itself really believes in the two-state solution? Does Israel itself believe in the pre-1967 war boundaries? Arabs have offered, not once but several times, to recognize Israel in its pre-1967 boundaries. We all know what happened to all these proposals – rejected by Israel on one pretext or the other. I am of the opinion that if you offer to recognize Israel in its present day boundaries, it will find a way to get away and keep encroaching the Arab lands.

It’s an election year in the US and Israel may be willing to return in kind the support it got from Obama administration during last four years. An attack on Iran is the best gift for Obama to jack his declining popularity. Remember Bush also used Iraq invasion to win the second term

Why Facebook Works, and Democracy Does Not

This year, Facebook will reach 1 billion users — or one-seventh of the human population. It has elicited more participation than any single government in the world other than India and China, and it will probably surpass them in a year or two. And whereas many people are fleeing their governments as they are able, more and more people are joining Facebook voluntarily.

Is it the Lawmakers or Law Enforcers who are to Blame?

Walter Block has a very interesting defense of the inciter of a riot. He argues that a person who inspires others to commit violent acts is guilty of no violent act at all because the inciter is doing no more than engaging in free speech activity. The act of advocating violence is not a violent act and directly harms no one, therefore the inciter should not be held responsible for any chaos that ensues from his words. It is the fools who listen to and carry out the inciter’s wishes who should be held responsible. They were completely free to reject the inciter’s evil suggestions to loot or destroy, but instead voluntarily chose to do evil.

FEMA Doc And NDAA Could Bring Martial Law Crackdown

In September I wrote a piece titled The Fascist Takeover of the United States. It was my assessment that the current economic meltdown was no accident. It was a devious, meticulously calculated plot to sink the United States and the world to its knees, to bring about the long planned new world order dreamt about by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

It wasn’t rocket science to figure out. All you had to do was look at the facts of the crisis and then examine the recourse taken by the Federal Reserve. Our best and brightest financial minds took a 180 away from the best option to stimulate the economy, choosing instead to bypass the taxpayer, retail and manufacturing, and going right to the crooks that created the disaster in the first place.

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